One Man Punch Chapter 165 Release Date Plot Character And More!

One Punch Man Chapter 165 release date is announced, it is set to release this week on 20th May 2022. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.

There will be some delay in the RAW release and the release of the translated version. This Countdown will help you track the release of One Punch Man Chapter 165.



One Man Punch Chapter 165 is going to be back with the very next installment. The fans are already getting eager to know about this chapter. So we decided to come up with all the information that one needs to know about it.

This manga series is just about to make its release just the next month, that is the new year. It is obvious that this time, the new year is going to have a blast since a lot of manga and anime series are coming up with their new venture. So let’s find out what this one is hiding, through this article.

One Man Punch Chapter 165 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 165 release date is announced, it is set to release this week on 20th May 2022. The one-punch man was developed by manga artist ONE, a Japanese superhero franchise that specializes in one-punch action.

The very first installment had released as a webcomic in the year 2009. Till then a lot of episodes have been released and got popular among the youth. As of now, there is no information that had been laid out by the team yet. But we are assuring you as soon as we get any trace of the same, we will inform you then and there. stay tuned till then, we come up with daily updates.

Where To Read One Man Punch Chapter 165

About One Man Punch

This manga has been written by One and the illustrator of the same is Yusuke Murata. It is a well-known Japanese manga series. It has been one of the most entertaining series that the youth, as well as the young adults, enjoy reading. If you have not yet tried this one, being a manga fan, you should totally start reading now.

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Character Of One Man Punch Chapter 165

  • Saitama
  • Child Emperor 
  • Genos
  • Superalloy Blackluster 
  • Tornado
  • Blast
  • Bang 
  • King
  • Drive Knight
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Zombieman
  • Pig God
  • Watchdog Man
  • Atomic Samurai
  • Metal Bat 
  • Flashy Flash
  • Metal Knight 
  • Tank-Top Master


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