Ukraine Chief Of Intellegence Claims PUTIN HAS CANCER [Video]


The Russian Government has been the center of discussions for the last few months due to the atrocities committed by them on the Ukrainian people. The neighboring country of Russia has been under complete under-siege by the Russian forces and is being subjected to various violations of human rights daily. The Putin-led Socialist country has shown no signs of stopping whatsoever even after facing severe backlash and criticism from the global political community.

No one really knows what will be the outcome of this conflict and we can only remain optimistic about the future that will be in store for the Ukrainian people. However, there seems to be a little ray of hope for the Ukraine government among the pitch darkness that they are going through right now.

The Unexpected News

It seems that Major General Kyrylo Budanov who is the head of the military intelligence of the Ukraine Army has something different and interesting to tell the global international relations community. According to various sources, it has been claimed by the Major General that Putin is not in the best of his health and is suffering from cancer and other illness. Now, if this turns out to be true, then it could be the major breakthrough that the Ukraine Government was looking for.

However, it seems that there is a bit of truth to the claims of Kyrylo Budanov, as the leader of Russia has recently missed the ice-hockey game which he is very fond of and never misses, no matter how many commitments he has. In a recent interview given on the Sky News, Budanov said the reason for Putin’s absence was due to emergency surgery.

By now it has already been known that not only Ukraine, but Russia has also suffered a massive loss in terms of manpower and military artillery. The war and attack did not turn out to be one-sided and easy as Putin thought due to the strong resistance shown by the brave Ukrainian soldiers and people. In the interview, Budanov also claimed that Putin’s arrogance and irrational decisions might have created an anti-Putin sentiment in Russia that may lead to a coup, and it can take place as early as August this year.

While the removal of Putin as the head of Russia might not necessarily mean a fruitful outcome for Ukraine or the NATO members as Russia is a highly volatile country and the one who will replace Putin may turn out to be even more dangerous than him. Although the head of the military intelligence of the Ukraine Army is sanguine about the fact that Ukraine might see the end of the war by the mid of this year.

Is Putin Really Suffering from Cancer or Terminal Disease?

Getting a piece of official information from the Communist and Socialist States is always difficult. So, it is very difficult to verify the authenticity and truthfulness of news. A few months before, a similar type of news broke out related to Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea where it was even said that he was dead, but eventually he made a public appearance a few days later. However, there seems to be a bit of transparency in what Budanov is claiming, and if it turns out to be true, then we might see a massive change in global politics.

Putin might have realized the truth that he would not be alive in the next few months and this might be just one final and desperate attempt to take the control of Ukraine in hopes of forming the Soviet Union again.

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