One Piece Season 2: Release Date, Is this Anime Soon? Know here!

One Piece is Japanese based Mange written by  Eiichiro Oda. The series has about 97 tankōbon volumes till September 2020. The story revolves around a young boy and his quest to find the treasure which makes him the next Pirate king. The show was considered one of the best-sold magazines and also won the Animation theme award. Later due to the fame Funimation granted a license to it and One Piece currently stands as the highest-grossing media franchises. One Piece Season 2 coming soon?

The Overview of One Piece Season 2

One piece is about a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy who eats a forbidden Devil fruit and acquires the characteristics of rubber. With this power and along with his crewmates called the Straw Hat Pirates they go on a quest to find the treasure which helps Luffy to become the next King of Pirates.

They take over a ship called “going merry” and c0me across the pirates’ of the blue sea. On the course of his journey, he meets several new people who are added to his crew who are of various degrees in the profession. Together they sail along in the hope to fulfill their dreams and to find the treasure chest “one piece”

One Piece Season 2: Release Date, Is this Anime Soon? Know here!

Episode 944 ended with a rift between Zoro and Gyukimaru in the context of the stolen sword of Oden.

The Characters

The series has sold over 470 million copies globally, so we can definitely assure you that the cast has done a remarkable job with the storyline and characters. With a rating of  8/7 on IMDb, it surely has made a mark!

One Piece Season 2: Release Date, Is this Anime Soon? Know here!

  • Monkey D. Luffy voiced by  Mayumi Tanaka
  • Roronoa Zoro by  Christopher Sabat.
  • Name by Luci Christian
  • Tony Tony Chopper by Brina Palencia

One Piece Season 2 Release Date

The newest season will be out on  20th December 2020. It will be the continuation of the previous episode and the quest to find the sword of odden as well as the treasure. Netflix and Funimation are two sites that are currently streaming ‘One Piece’, do check it out!

Until we come back with more updates on this series, you can check JoJo part 6 & more.

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