‘Outlander Season 5 ‘ is FINALLY COMING THIS YEAR? Release Date, New Cast & All the information you need are here!

The final dates have announced! Outlander season 5 will premiere by the US audiences on 16 February 2020 and by the UK audience on 17 February 2020. Outlander is a time travel TV drama series based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series of the same name. The show produced for Starz by Sony Pictures Television and Left Blank Productions and directed by Ronald D Moore.

The Series Will Be Releasing:

The series premiered on 9 August 2014. The second season was based on the second book in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber, debuted on 9 April 2016. The third and fourth seasons, respectively. Debuted on 10 September 2017 and 4 November 2018 and based on the third and fourth books in the Voyager and Drums of Autumn series.

The series revolves around two nurses, Claire Randall, who is a married former world war. In 1946 she found herself in Scotland transported back to the year 1743. She encounters the charming and dashing highland hero Jamie Fraser there and gets involved in the Jacobite Risings or the Scottish Succession War as it called.

Does ' Outlander Season 5 ' exist? All the information you need are here!

Season 5 Reveals:

The first trailer for season 5 reveals the Fraser family more time traveling. The trailer shows the American revolution getting increasingly dangerous, and Claire suggests it’s better in the future. Starz has announced the fifth season is based on the Outlander series ‘ fifth book. It took nearly a year to announce season 5, and we can tell from the teaser, the wait worth it!

Make ready, Sassenachs! The trailer for the Outlander Season 5 is underway. Tomorrow we will be able to see it and here is all the information that you need.

Expect it to become available soon after on the socials. Unlike the sneak peek, which has been exclusively just on the STARZ App to date as a surprise for users, this is a huge announcement for the season and will finally be sent out after the morning news show exclusive.

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