Overload Season 4: Release Date, Story, When is the Final Season Returning?

Overload is a Japanese Anime series written by Kugane Maruyama, Season 1 premiered in 2015 on Netflix, and have seen 3 seasons ever since. With an IMDB rating of 7.2, only proves how popular the show is with the fans. So ever since Season 3 aired the question among the fans is, ‘Are we going to see Overload Season 4 ?’

Overload Season 4 Storyline

The Anime is set up in the futuristic year of 2136 and it delves into video-game themes, with the main protagonist, who thrives under the pseudonym “Momonga” and plays an MMORPG game called Yggdrasil, which is about to be closed down. However, Momonga finds himself trapped in the game. There he finds out all the NPCs have developed their own personality of sorts. He then gets into a feud with various clans of humanoid people which include demons, goblins, etc.

The 3rd Season ended with Momonga getting control of E-Rantel after killing off Gazef. Season 4 of the anime will be picked up from there itself.  Season 4 will reportedly feature Great Tomb and Capital Einzer from the last season.

Overload Season 4: Release Date, Story, When is the Final Season Returning?

Overload Season 4: Official Announcement

During AnimagiC 2019 in Germany, the writer of the series Kugane Maruyama said that the third season of the show was “extremely likely’, thereby raising the hopes of fans all around the world. We can also say that the Overload series has an abundance of source material to pick up from and it’s rich world-building also provides a lot of exciting plot developments. As of writing, no official announcement has been made. But it is going to happen at some point


Overload Season 4 Cast

Most of the personnel will be back for Season 4. Satoshi Hino will be coming back as Momonga. Yumi Hara as Albedo and Sumire Uesaka will be back as well for the upcoming installment. Masayuki Kato will provide the voice-over of Demiurge, Yumi Uchiyama will be voicing the character of Mare Bello Fiore.

Overload Season 4 Release Date

The Overload Season 4 was rumored to come out in spring 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything got delayed. With no official announcement so far. All we can do is wait and create fan theories about the next season.

Our best guess for the season 4 release date would be somewhere around mid-2021- to late 2021,  bearing in mind all the production hassles the studio would have to go through to get the shooting started.

Overload Trailer


For those who haven’t watched the show, Overlord is available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.  So do go and check it out.

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