Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date Annoucement, Story, & Others

Grand Blue, an adaptation of the manga of the same name written by Kenji Inoue, is a Japanese comedy anime. The show was met with acclaim from critics as well as fans. The first season was broadcast on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, AT-X.  July 14, 2018, was the day when the first season was shown to the whole world and it ended on September 29, 2018. Since then, fans have been waiting for Grand Blue Season 2 to come out.

Grand Blue Season 2 Storyline

The show can be described as an erotic comedy, with often raunchy scenes showing up on our screens. The Lead Character is Iori Kitahara who heads to the Grand Blue shop to meet his relatives and start his college life, seeking some normalcy. However, normalcy is something he wouldn’t get. Shenanigans ensue as he enters the shop to seek ‘normalcy’.


He ends up joining Peek A Boo Diving Club. They decide to hold a beauty pageant, but end up getting into a rivalry with a Tennis club at the pageant. The diving club then joins a tennis club, in hopes of taking the prize money and going to Okinawa.

In the final episode, the diving club arrives at Miyakojima, and engages in Otori (a drinking game), in the end, Aina completely gets her personality flipped due to the booze she drank and scares away Iori and other members of the diving club.

The Official Announcement

No official announcement has been made regarding  Season 2. However, the fans are adamant and have even started a petition to the Studio to create Season 2. Also, an interesting point is that Zero-G studios only have a few projects scheduled for 2020. So based on the fan demands and money-making opportunities. We might get an announcement soon. Not to forget they have ample manga content available to make Season 2. So Don’t Lose Hope, we might still get season 2. Also, the Pandemic has brought everything to a stop, but we have hope that after this is over, Officials will think about a new Season.

The Cast

It is expected for most of the cast members to be back for season 2. So hold on to your seat belt fans, all of your favorites will be back. Yuma Uchida as Iori Kitahara, Ryohei Kimura as Kohei Imamura, Hiroki Yasumoto as Shinji Tokita, Chika Anzai as Chisa Kotegawa should be back for Season 2. Not to forget,  The Exceptionally talented Katsuyuki Konishi as Ryujiro Kotobuki should also be back for season 2. Other side characters will probably make a comeback as well.

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date

As already mentioned, there has been no announcement of Season 2. So we can expect the announcement to come somewhere in 2-3 months as the studio doesn’t have many projects lined up. Calculating, all the time it would take for season 2 to be made, including all the hassles.

Our best guess for Season 2 to unveil would be around the end of 2021 to somewhere around early or mid-2022.

The Trailer

Grand Blue is only available on Amazon Prime, so those of you haven’t watched it. Please give yourself a treat and watch it.

But until we have a definitive release date for Grand Blue Season 2 you can check out more news about No Game No Life Season 2 & More

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