Platinum End Chapter 58: Release Date, Will it be Delayed?

Writer Tsugumi Ohba and Illustrator Takeshi Obata have come up with a very interesting manga series. This Japanese manga series has viewers glued since the release of Chapter 1. Speaking of its genre, it oscillates between a supernatural thriller and a dark fantasy. Since the original series is published in Japanese, it has been licensed out to Viz Media. They are responsible for the spread of the series in North America. Platinum End Chapter 58 coming soon?

What is the Release Date of Platinum End Chapter 58?

Going by the conventional approach, the release of Platinum End Chapter 58 should happen in the new year. If there are no changes in the release time table, Chapter 58 shall be out on January 6, 2021.

The Official Announcement of the anime!!

Platinum End makers usually release a new episode every month. This pandemic or the new year celebrations aren’t either believed to spoil the smooth flow of episodes. There was also recently a very interesting official announcement about the Japanese novel series. It will soon be adapted into an anime for more fans to join in.

Platinum End Chapter 58: Release Date, Will it be Delayed?

The Storyline

The story is that of a young guy ( read orphan) who misses his parents. Mirai Kakehashi is raised by his Uncle and aunt. Both of them are abusive and torment him much. He soon plans to end his sufferings by committing suicide. But that is not what destiny has in its plans. Mirai meets his Guardian Angel.

His Angel reveals that this parent was killed by his uncle and aunt. This infuriates Mirai who then, sets out on a path of revenge. Soon, he also learns from Nasse (the Guardian Angel) that God is about to retire in a few days. Mirai is chosen amongst other thirteen capable yet competitive opponents. He now has to avenge the death of his parents and save the world from a bad leader. All at the same time.

Platinum End Chapter 58: Release Date, Will it be Delayed?

Does Mirai succeed in his initiative or fails miserably is for the readers to find out. Check out Platinum End Chapter 58 to find out.

The Cast of Platinum End Chapter 58

The novel has Mirai as the young orphan who is abused day in and day out. We also see his Guardian Angel playing a larger part in motivating Mirai at the correct time.

The Trailer

We also have a trailer to let you know what is in store in Episode 58. Do not forget to catch the trailer below.

Platinum End Chapter 58 is available on Viz Media and Mangaplus. So those who want to read it can check it there.

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