Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!

Tonari no Idol-san is a Japanese manga about a boy and his favorite idol. The name translates to His Favorite Idol Moves in Next Door, in English. Its writer is a very famous Noumisozoo.Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89 coming soon?

About Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89

The manga series is a romantic comedy and is light-hearted to read. It is aimed at the teenage population that has recently had a crush or are in the process. The entire graphic novel tells us how a boy who admirably crushes after an idol reacts after it turns real. The novel could also be termed fantasy. However, it isn’t put in that genre by either the makers or the reviewers.

Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!

What is the Release Date of Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89?

There is no specific release date given out by the makers. Fans of this lesser-known Manga series are anxiously awaiting the release of Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89.

Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!

The Official Announcement

There is no official news about the graphic novel. It has been able to gather enough attention on social media, however. Adding to this, because the manga did not create enough stir with its initial chapters, there isn’t much news available either.

Tonari no Idol-san Chapter 89: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!

The Storyline

Tonari no Idol-san is the story of an infatuated guy. he has an idol. He talks to it almost daily. However, one day someone new moves into his neighborhood. At first, he does realize the striking resemblance that girl has with his idol. It isn’t long before he finds out that the girl is the idol he admires so much.

He learns new things about this girl; her background, where she shops, and various other aspects. Although, she never really comes across as a creep. But, it is evident from her first introduction that she only wants him to look at her. She despises his attention-catching other women. Though the guy is completely unaware of what is going on in the girl’s mind.

Does the girl also admire the guy equally? or is there some form of sadistic pleasure that comes into play in the main plot. Read Chapter 89 of Tonari no Idol-san to find out.

The Cast

The novel has a lot of background to pay attention to. However, most of the activities are being carried out by the guy. Either the girl or the idol is always in the frame.

The Trailer

Don’t forget to catch the trailer of Tonari no Idol-san

Tonari no Idol-san is available at MangaKakalot. So those who want to read it can check it there.

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