Please Don’t Date Him Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Other Updates!

Please don’t date him is a 2020 Korean Drama also known as Please don’t meet that Guy. Its focus on scientific, Romantic, and other aspects. The title of the series “Please don’t date him” itself indicates that doesn’t love a wrong guy and that’s what the story is all about. The series is about a woman Seo Ji Sung who desperately wants to fall in love but not with the wrong guy. So, just to be away from bad guys and have a perfect love story she ends up creating an Artificial Intelligence program called Cho Sang Shin which will help to analyze insensitive guys and protect others from falling for such guys. Today we will talk about the possibility of Please don’t date him Season 2

Please Don’t Date Him Season 2 Release Date

The series was aired on November 10, 2020, and directed by Oh Mi-Kyeong on MBC. So, the series is a recent one and according to other news updates, there is no season 2 as of now. Probably, next year they might come up with a second season and tells us more about what will happen between Seo Ji and the firefighter.

Please Don't Date Him Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Other Updates!

The Storyline

In the end, Seo Ji met the firefighter but there isn’t any chemistry between them yet and it is still hidden that will they come into a relationship or not. Season 2 will have to tell us about Seo Jim’s life will accept such a guy about whom she has no idea and couldn’t dig in more. Let us know your opinion about the show and of course, what you think should have happened in season 1 in the comment section below.

The Cast

Here, is the amazing cast of the Please Don’t date him series starring Song Ha Yoon, Lee Jun Young, and Gong Min Jung as a lead role and is also known for her another show sweet Munchies which also came in 2020.

Please Don't Date Him Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Other Updates!

The Trailer

Watch this video to know more about the series in detail. No Official Trailer of Please Doesn’t date him Season 2 is Release Yet!


Please Don’t Date Him Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll and MBC as well. Those of you who haven’t watched yet can go and watch over there.

Until we come back with More Updates about Please Don’t Date Him Season 2, till then you can Watch Goblin Slayer Season 2.

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