My Hero Academia To Return With Another Season In 2022. Season 5 Will Be Final. Get All Available Details Here

This is an anime series that is taken from a superhero manga series, which is written and illustrated by Kohel Horikoshi. The most important element for all these anime shows is its production; here, it is handled by Walkana Okanura and Kazumasa Sanyoba. The scriptwriting is handed to Yosuke Kuroda. The first, second, and third season were directed by Kenji Nagasaki, whereas the fourth season by Masahiro Mukai.

While season 4 was running, many rumors took place, as though season 4 was going to be the last season for My Hero Academia. It was all false, but this can be true that season 5 would be the final one for this show. The show had achieved its heights just in four seasons, and that’s a great thing for any show.

My Hero Academia Season 5: Base Story

The story for the show revolves around a young boy named Izuki Midoriya. He is not a normal boy but possesses some supernatural powers. He is then guided by the All Might, who is the greatest superhero of Japan. The All Might trains him and helps him to save the earth.

My Hero Academia Season 5: Characters & Voice Artists

  • All Might / Toshinori Yagi voiced by Christopher R. Sabat.
  • Katsuki Bakugo voiced by Clifford Chapin.
  • Momo Yaoyorozu voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.
  • Shoto Todoroki voiced by David Matranga.
  • Tenya Iida voiced by J. Michael Tatum
  • Isuku Midoriya “Deku” voiced by Justin Briner and many more…

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My Hero Academia Season 5: Release Date

Anime series takes a lot of time to be build up. So the expected year for the release of season 5 of My Hero Academia is 2022. As per the tradition followed up by the show till season 3, the release month was April, and that’s what is expected for season 5.

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