Fans Compared Kim Kardashian with Penelope Cruz In A Throwback Pic. Read To Get All Details About The Smoky Kim’s Photo & Posts

Celebrities face a lot of things than normal people, and the truth can’t be denied. But we should respect their privacy. Talking about privacy, nowadays, social media is also changing its way for celebrities. This was necessary to be done as there are many trolls which are, of course, not a good thing.  Coming on the topic, we have an update about Kim Kardashian.

Fans Compared Kim With Cruz

Kim is such a person who shares her pictures on social media as every normal person does. But people take that for granted. Recently, when she uploaded her photo of High School Prom, all appreciate her beauty, but one of her fans compared her to Penelope Cruz, which is not a good sign. Though many fans have enjoyed the comparison due to the similarities between the 2 during their childhood.

7th Grade Throwback Photograph from 1996:

The photo was taken back in 1996. It was the year of Prom for Kim. All did admire her beautiful face and her smoky eyes. It feels very bad when any comparison is made the same she felt. We all are different identities, and no one has the right to make the comparison. But we can’t ignore the fact, in that picture she looked a bit similar to Penelope Cruz.



Its quarantine time and everyone’s at home, watching movies, series, and spending family time. Many are taking out their old memories and remembering some old days. So did Kim. She is nowadays uploading her old memories on social media. As a recent example, she uploaded after photo when she was just in class 7. Kim looks adorable in that pic.

So, better, you enjoy your quarantine and let others do the same and don’t try to create a disturbance for others.

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