Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Appeal to The Public On The Pandemic Covid-19

Narendra Modi’s address on 19 March has received praise both for its emphasis on precautionary measures and its focus on showing gratitude for all those who are working overtime to test and cure those tested positive with COVID-19 and preventing further spread.

Read below to know the crucial elements of the address. 

Preventing an Explosion of COVID-19

Countries around the world have still not found a definite cure or vaccine for COVID-19. Most of the countries that are heavily affected today displayed an explosion in the number of cases after a few weeks. The Prime Minister, in his address, emphasized the importance of the role of the citizens in preventing the spread of COVID-19. A country like India, he said, with its population of 130 crores, is vulnerable to acute distress in the time of a pandemic. 

Highlights of his address include a belief in “Hum Swasth Toh Jag Swasth” (Working on my health would ensure yours) and Moderation. Social distancing, he said, is a must for senior citizens.

“Janta Curfew” on 22 March

A curfew by the people and for the people is what Janta Curfew stands for. This is to be observed on 22 March, Sunday, from 7 am to 9 pm. This will help reduce the impact of the pandemic. The Prime Minister has made a special request to the public to stand at the doors of their homes or in their balconies to appreciate those who have been working tirelessly for treating, diagnosing, and preventing the spread of  COVID-19.

This can be done by clapping, banging utensils with spoons, or clapping. These include doctors, nurses, delivery boys, testing personnel on airports, and all others who have made a vital contribution. Their services at this moment are extremely valuable.

COVID-19 Economic Task Force

A COVID-19 Economic Taskforce is soon to come into action and will be under the directives of the Finance Minister of India. It is imperative to curb the losses incurred by the economy of the country due to COVID-19.

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