Princess Agents Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

Princess Agents Season 2 is an upcoming Chinese drama series. It is based on a novel. The name of the novel is Chu TeGong, Huang Fei. It was written by Xiang Doing Er. The show is the most-watched Chinese drama of all time. The show was a huge hit. It gained around 40 million viewership on Chinese streaming sites.

The director of Season 2 is Wu Jinyan. The producers are Ma Zhongjuh and Zhao Yifang. The first season of the show was premiered on 5 June 2017. It had 45 episodes in total. The playtime of each episode was 45 minutes. The whole shoot was done in China. The original network of the show is Hunan Tv.

Princess Agents Season 2 Release Date:

The first season of the show was aired in June 2017 and went up to August 2017 with a total of 45 episodes. The first season got amazing success. It got 9.8 ratings from IMDB.

We don’t know whether Princess Agents Season 2will come out or not. Although do not have any official confirmation from the side of the creators of the show, we could expect Season 2’s production to begin in 2021.

We can only assume that the show will be renewed for the second season by looking at the ratings. The cast of the show is now doing other TV shows. If season 2 comes out, there are chances that it will release in 2021.

Princess Agents Season 2: Recap

As Princess Agents Season 2 is not confirmed yet, we can’t say anything about the plot of season 2. It is supposed that it will follow the storyline of the first season. And the last season ended with a cliffhanger.

The story is set in Ancient times. Some slaves of that time kidnap innocent people and force them to become slaves too. At that time, normal people were not able to live a normal and comfortable life.

The story revolves around a slave girl whose name is Chu Quiao. She lives with other slaves and haunts rich people. The prince saved her life. The next season will start from where the first season ended. Let’s wait for any confirmation from the creators to know something about the plot.

Princess Agents Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!The Cast

If Princess Agents Season 2 will come out, then some new characters might come as well. But the old one will continue with their roles. Here are some of the main cast members of the series-

  • Li Qin as Yuan Chun(8th Princess of Wei)
  • Shawn Dou as Yan Xun(Yan Emperor)
  • Zhao Liying as Chu Qiao
  • Lin Gengxin as Yuwen Yue
  • Allen Deng as Xiao Ce(Prince Nan Liang)
  • Ian Wang as Yu Wen Huai(Yuwen Yue’s cousin)
  • Maggie Huang as Xiang Yu
  • Niu Jun Feng as Yuan Song
  • Xing Zhao Lin as Yue Qi
  • Jin Jia as Yuan Che

The Trailer

The renewal status of the series is still not confirmed. In this case, the trailer is also not available yet. One can watch full episodes of season 1 on Hunan Tv. On YouTube, some videos of the series are also available. While waiting for any news of season 2, let’s recap the trailer of season 1. We hope that the new season comes soon and it will be as entertaining as before.

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