Ps5 And Xbox Series X: Everything you Need To Know About The Newest Generation of Gaming Consoles

gaming is an activity that everybody loves, it allows us to get immersed in a world where we can forget the harsh realities of life and can just enjoy the story that is being told to us by the game. The gaming industry as a whole has really elevated in the last 10 years with more and more people getting into video games and getting accustomed to having a video game console in the house.

for the last 20 years, gamers around the world have quenched their gaming thirst by buying either the sony gaming console called the PlayStation or the Microsoft gaming console called the Xbox.

2020 introduced the newest generation of consoles of the PlayStation and the Xbox to gamers around the world. sony released the ps5 and Microsoft released the Xbox series x. In this blog, I will be explaining the differences between the 2 consoles and the technological advancements that the newest generation of consoles bring with themselves

sony’s ps5

PlayStation 5 also better known as the ps5 is the newest gaming console in the line of gaming consoles released by sony. There are 2 versions of ps5 that fans can choose between –

  1. ps5 disc edition- this version of the ps5 comes with the 4k ultra HD Blu-ray drive or to explain it in layman’s terms, it comes with a cd drive where you can put game CDs in the console
  2. ps5 digital edition- this version of the ps5 does not come with a cd drive which means that consumers can’t use gaming CDs and have to buy and download games on the in-game store

because of the difference between the 2 versions, they have been priced differently with the ps5 disc edition priced at rs 49,990 and the digital edition priced at 39,990.

The ps5 also presents its consumers with 4k resolution gaming at 60 fps (frames per second). Sony also added that this quality can be increased to 8k with 120 fps but for that to happen you need to have the right hardware that means having an 8 k monitor or tv. ps5 also promises its consumers that the console will enable games to have better graphics than the ps4.

it also promises ray tracing which means that the games will simulate true-to-life lighting, dynamic environments, and accurate reflections.

ps5 specs

  • Resolution- 4k at 60 fps, up to 120 fps
  • CPU- custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU at 3.5 GHz with SMT (variable frequency)
  • GPU- custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz (variable frequency) 10.28 teraflops GPU power
  • RAM- 16 GB GDDR6 RAM
  • Memory bandwidth- 448 GB/s
  • Storage- 825 GB PCle Gen NVme SSD
  • External storage- NVme SSD slot, support for USD HDD
  • I/O throughput- 5.5 GB/s (raw), 8-9 GB/s (compressed)
  • Weight- 4.5 kg

Ps5 dual sense controller

ps5’s new controller is now known as the dual sense controller instead of the Dualshock, This new dual sense controller includes haptic feedback which is the sense of authenticity when you do tasks in-game for ex- when you fire a bow and arrow you will feel the tension in the controller.

The dual sense controller also includes a built-in microphone and a USB-C port for charging and comes in a black and white colour scheme.

Xbox Series X

the Xbox series x is the latest console delivered by Microsoft. It is battling with the ps5 to be the best console of the newest generation. let’s see how this console differentiates itself from the ps5.

the Xbox series x is built with new hardware from AMD and it also includes the new Navi graphics architecture and a Zen 2 CPU. while presenting the series x the Microsoft employees claimed that the series x is 4 times more powerful than the current most powerful console.

the series x also contains Dynamic Latency Input which  makes sure that we get as much low latency as possible when we connect the wireless controller.

Xbox series x specs

  • CPU- 8x Zen 2 cores at 3.8 GHz
  • GPU- 12 TFLOPs, 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz, custom RDNA 2
  • process- TSMC 7nm enhanced
  • Memory- 16 GB GDDR6
  • Memory bandwidth- 10 GB at 560 GB/S, 6 GB at 336 GB/S
  • Internal storage- 1TB custom NVme SSD
  • IO throughput- 2.4 GB/s  (raw), 4.8 GB/s (compressed)
  • Expendable storage- 1TB expansion card
  • Optical drive- 4k UHD blu-ray drive
  • Performance target- 4k at 60 fps up to 120 fps

Concluding points

2021 is a really good time to be a gamer with you (the consumer) having a plethora of choices to choose between. Buying the newest generation of gaming consoles has also been proven very tough because of the covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the world, there have been shortages of these consoles and when these consoles are up for order they are sold within minutes.

thus only a limited amount of consumers have been able to enjoy the new consoles, but alas when the consoles are available in bulk a lot of people are going to enjoy the new consoles and they will be able to enjoy all the newly released games,thus the future is bright for gaming.

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