Extraordinary You Season 2 Release Date & Everything you need to know

Extraordinary You is a South Korean Television Series based on a webtoon July Found by Chance, published by Daum Webtoon. The series aired on MBC TV from October 2 2019 to November 21, 2019. The show was directed by Kim Sang- Hyeop and produced by MBC Drama Production. The show has had 32 episodes in total. Extraordinary You Season 2 is Set to Return very soon and we have the latest Update. Read Here

Extraordinary You Season 2 Storyline

The series centers around Eun Dan-Oh, who one fine day discovers that she has been living inside a comic book named Secret. She even discovers that she has a lame set up, where, she is a side character, and has a worse fate ahead of her. She then decides to change her destiny and escape from the clutches of the writer and runs into Student Number 13.

In the final episode, Eun Dan-Oh and Ha-Ru reunite in another manhwa, it also revealed that Ha-Ru was a character of another manhwa called Neungshowa.

Extraordinary You Season 2 Official Announcement

Extraordinary You Season 2 Release Date & Everything you need to know

As of now, there has been no announcement about season 2, and it’s very unusual for Korean Drama to have a Second Season. So we have to only rely upon announcements made by the studios. There is still a chance that they might make a new season because there is still some content available for adaptation.

Extraordinary You Cast

If the second season comes out, two cast members for sure that will come back are Kim Hye-Hoon as Eun Dan-Oh and Rowoon as Number 13/Ha-Ru. Rest of the characters are difficult to predict, considering that they literally find themselves in another manhwa, Some of the characters might come back, just as Number 13 came from another Manhwa. But as of now, we can’t say for sure how many characters will be back for another season of the show. There will also be a host of new characters as well.

Extraordinary You Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, MBC Drama Productions have not announced any plans for a new season, so we just have to silently hope that there is some work going on behind the scenes. If there is some work going on, our best guess for the release date would be late-2021 to early 2022. The thing is that due to COVID 19 delays, all filming has been rescheduled, and it’s not like animated, where they can work indoors, actors would have to stay in contact with each other, which is a big no-no in the pandemic era.

Extraordinary You Trailer

Extraordinary You is available on MBC TV and on Netflix as well for some regions. So those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, can go over there and watch it.

But until we have a definitive release date for Extraordinary You Season 2 you can check out more news about No Game No Life Season 2 & More

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