QB1 Season 4: Release Date, Character Return & More

QB1 Season 4 is an upcoming American Netflix sports documentary series who’s season 1 was directed by Peter Berg. Sports-based series has a unique charm that easily attracts the loyalty of a bigger fanbase.

The coming of age story of students advancing from high school to college has always been a touching concept. The addition of the thrilling world of sports turns it into an even more engaging and action-packed sequence and demands our further involvement with the show.

QB1 Season 3 was released on Netflix in 2019 and now the audience is eagerly anticipating the premiere of Season 4. Read on to find out more about the 4th installment of the series.

QB1 Season 4 Official Announcement

The 4th season is going to grace us soon enough as the makers of the show announced its renewal long back. The pandemic is the only thing hindering its development at the moment.

QB1 Season 4: Release Date, Character Return & More

We’ve successfully waited for a year, let’s be a little more patient to hear more about the whereabouts of Season 4.

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QB1 Season 4: Storyline

Let catch up to what has happened in the series so far before QB1 Season 4 releases. The lives of athletes are difficult as it is, however, when meshed with one’s high school career, it becomes an exhausting struggle. Through the series, we get a glimpse into the lives of three high school senior quarterbacks who have been brought up in different environments.

The journey portrays them juggling with their school, personal lives, and their sports career simultaneously. The unfiltered hard-hitting reality of these quarterbacks keeps us all glued to our screens, wanting to know more.

QB1 Season 4 Release Date

The documentary series began broadcasting in 2017 and since then it has released succeeding seasons every year consecutively. Season 3 of QB1 came out on Netflix on 16 August 2019, which has aroused the fans’ curiosity as to when Season 4 will be premiered.

Season 4 of QB1 might’ve already been broadcasted by this time but due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the progress was halted. We can look forward to Season 4 making a comeback towards the end of 2020.

The Trailer

So we have to wait for the Normalcy to come back so that the shoot for the next season comes up and we can see the New One soon. Until then you have to keep yourself refreshed with the Other Seasons.

Watch all the previous seasons and episodes of QB1 on Netflix.

Binge-watch all the previous seasons of QB1 as you await the release of QB1 Season 4. Here’s a glimpse at what you’re missing if you haven’t watched the show yet:

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