Reality Test: ‘Jio’ Providing Free Recharge of Rs 498 Due to ‘Work From Home’ Because Of ‘COVID-19’!!!

In the current scenario of our country, we know that there are more than 500 cases of coronavirus in India. In this situation, everyone is doing social distancing or preventing themselves or others by isolation. So, in today’s world, everyone is familiar with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter  WhatsApp, and other, there are few people in their isolation and also those who are not in isolation. They also spend much more time on social media, where they get some viral news or message related to Jio.

The viral news related to Jio is that they provide a free recharge of Rs 498 due to the current situation. With that news, they also circulate a link from where people get free recharge of Rs 498. And it also states that the offer is valid through only 31st March 2020.

So, what’s the reality of this viral news?

To know what’s the reality, a media house done this operation revealing the truth behind this viral news. For which they can be done all the process which is written on that message.

The process of a reality check is:

1. They click on the link which is given on the message, but the link doesn’t open. It shows the site can’t be reached.

2. So after that, they go to the official website of Jio were they are unable to find that such a free offer of recharge Rs 498.

Reality Test: 'Jio' Providing Free Recharge of Rs 498 Due to 'Work From Home' Because Of 'COVID-19'!!!

3. So to know that what’s happening on, they talk to the Jio spokesperson. Where he said that

” There is much fake news was viral on the name of the company in the past, and this one is also fake news. So don’t believe in this type of report. Whatever scheme offers or any announcement done by our company is shown on our official website, which is or

So, this viral concludes that it’s fake news. So don’t believe in such news without any inquiry.  And there is an appeal to everyone that don’t spread such fake news.


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