ReLife Season 2: Release Date Is it too late to hope for a Sequel?

Most of us simply cannot get enough of slice-of-life anime. We can add one more title to this list of lovable series and that is ReLIFE. If you’re just as big of a fan of this show as us and are waiting for ReLIFE Season 2, then we have some news for you.

About ReLife Season 2

The anime series was inspired by the manga or webtoon series of the same name written by and illustrated by Yayoiso. Produced by TMS Entertainment, the tv show made its debut on 2 July 2016. Moreover, the 2017 cinematic release of a live-action movie is another successful addition to its name. The 13 episodes of the first season were brought to a conclusive end with the release of 4 OVA episodes in 2017. Will ReLife Season 2 bring back more twists and turns into the relationships and plots of the Show. Thus to know that and a lot more you just have to keep Checking this!

The show tackles with a very significant concern, a reversal of age. Many of us hope to go back in time and rectify our past mistakes in order to live a life free of regrets. However, real-life doesn’t hand out second chances as per our whims. The plot hopes to disseminate this exact message and is, therefore, a must-watch!

Read on to find out if there will be ReLife Season 2 in the future.

ReLife Season 2: Is it too late to hope for a sequel?

The Official Announcement

Shows come and go and life goes on. Applying the lessons learned from this show, we must only stride ahead and live in the moment, which brings us to a sad reality without a ReLIFE Season 2. Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made about the renewal of the show till now and its story may have actually been concluded with the 4 OVA episodes.

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The Storyline

Yayoi hits us with the crushing reality of life by introducing one of the most relatable characters ever. The man in focus here is the 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki. The portrayal of this character acknowledges the struggles and setbacks met by most middle-class people, one of them being unemployment. ReLife Season 2 will continue on this?

Arata pulls his livelihood by borrowing money from his parents and by working as a part-timer at a convenience store. Then comes a day when everything changes for him as he is offered a job at “ReLIFE” by Ryo Yoake.

However, in order to acquire this position at the company, he must first act as a subject for an experiment through which he will have a second chance at reliving his youth and realigning all the mistakes of his past.

The Trailer

As much as we miss the show, let’s hop on the bandwagon and re-watch the first season to relive all the profound moments of ReLife Season 2.

ReLIFE Season 2 Release Date

Many rumors regarding a second season arose in 2018, however, instead of that 4 special OVA episodes were released and they seem to have concluded the story of this series. Sadly, there is no news if the show will make ReLife Season 2 in the near future.

It seems very unlikely that the creators will come back for another season. If there is any further update on this topic, we will surely notify you about the same.

You can stream all previous episodes of season 1 and the OVA specials on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

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