Revealed!!! Why Really “Prince Harry” And “Meghan Markle” Left The Royal Family??

Who hasn’t felt Meghan Markle’s zeal of wanting a change in the royal rules or anything related to that? We all have, I guess? Well, nothing bad in that, but recently we heard through a tabloid that the Duchess of Sussex had really tried to make changes in protocol and had given suggestions to queen regarding this.

Report from ‘National Enquirer’ claimed that a source claimed that when Markle reached out with suggestions to Queen, they were thoroughly set aside and she was termed as an upstart.

Revealed!!! Why Really "Prince Harry" And "Meghan Markle" Left The Royal Family??

And according to the insider, Markle reacted fiercely to this. “Meghan considered that a major slap in the face – and has attacked the 94-year-old monarch as being too old and out of touch to rule! She has apparently even suggested Her Majesty was becoming senile, and it was time for her to hang up the crown,” the tabloid quoted saying by the insider.

Criticism To Prince Charles & Camilla

If we go by the report, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall had also faced criticism by Duke of Sussex and wife Markle. Prince Harry seems to be pretty much convinced had there not been the affair of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, his mother would not have been destroyed.

“He’s convinced that his beloved mom would still be alive if Charles hadn’t cheated. He’ll never forgive him!” the source claimed.

Revealed!!! Why Really "Prince Harry" And "Meghan Markle" Left The Royal Family??

What For Prince Williams & Kate?

Reportedly, the Cambridges have been accused of shunning the Sussexs out of family and, in a way ruining their life. While Markle, who had joined the highness family in 2018, was suggested to be convinced that if Middleton had ever been in the spiral of media as Markle was, the royal family definitely would have come forward to rescue, which was not done for Duchess of Sussex.

The insider suggested these be the reasons due to which Prince Harry and Markle had left the Royal family as they felt it’s kind of no-win situation for them in any of the conditions.

Revealed!!! Why Really "Prince Harry" And "Meghan Markle" Left The Royal Family??

The Book To Expose The Dirt!

Reports also suggested that the tell-all book by the couple that will be in the hand of readers from august will reveal all such truth of the royal family. While Omid Scobie, the spokesperson, has only brought forth that the book Finding Freedom will only contain the content that will help to eliminate misconceptions about Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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