ReZero Season 3: Release Date Confirmed by White Fox! Know More!

ReZero Season 3 has been confirmed and will be returning next year with January 2021 Release Date. So now that’s out of the way let us read about what the latest Season of ReZero brings to the table.

In a recent interview, Sho Tanaka, the producer for the series brought up the new season without being prompted to do so. Here’s everything we know and everything you need to know. As the show is still going on, we will do our best to not spoil a lot of the story. 

ReZero Season 3 Storyline

The story revolves around Natsuki Subaru. Subaru is a regular guy living in modern Japan. One day, as he exits a supermarket, he is summoned to another world. Being absolutely clueless in the new world,  he has no idea what to do. As he is trying to put two-and-two together he gets attacked. He is saved by a silver-haired girl named Emilia.

The girl is being pursued by an unknown assassin. Emilia and Subaru are killed. Subaru thinks it’s all over but he awakes. He calls this ability “Return by Death”. It allows him to reverse time by dying. However, he can only remember what happened in the previous timeline. The adventure follows Subaru trying to discover the how and why of what happened to him. ReZero Season 3 will come soon?

The Recent Updates

ReZero Season 2 Part 1 currently airing with the 12th episode of the first part having aired on 23 September 2020. The official website announced the release date of the ReZero Season 2 Part 2. The second season is currently releasing in a split-cour anime format. What about ReZero Season 3?

Split-cour essentially means that the anime takes a few month’s breaks to resume broadcasting of episodes in one season. Cour is essentially a three-month block in which episodes air or don’t. For example, episodes would air from January to March. As a result, there would be a break from April to June, and so on.  

ReZero Season 3 will start streaming in January 2021. The air date of ReZero Season 2 Episode 25, the final episode should be in March 2021.  Part 2 of the second season is the continuation of the second season and not a new season. As a result, it is not being released as the third season. We emphasize this because we want to debunk the rumor that Part 2 of the second season is the third season. 

ReZero Season 3 Confirmed for 2021, White Fox Confirms, Release Date

ReZero Season 3 Release Date & Announcement 

The good news is that the producer is talking about the third season. The creators of the show were also surprised by its popularity. There is no official announcement about the release date yet. The thing to keep in mind is that studios decide on sequels years before they actually go into production.

The second season was greenlit in 2017 but took years to go into production and was released in August 2020. And it is already confirmed that ReZero Season 3 is already returning in January. Therefore we could expect the next year to start with a bang.

The Trailer

There isn’t an official trailer but there is hope! While you wait, check out the trailer for Season 2.

Where To Watch ReZero?

Rezero can currently be watched on three platforms. You can watch the show on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Funimation. The show is licensed by Funimation. As a result, when season 3 does come out, we can expect it to pop up there first to view online. After the first couple of weeks, further releases onto other platforms is highly probable. 

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