Riverdale Season 5 Postponed due to COVID-19. KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart to Appear in Season 5. Read to Know Updates

The American show named- ‘Riverdale’ became famous just after when it was up with its season 1, in the year 2017. But now, due to the crisis caused by Covid-19, its season 5 has been either canceled or delayed. Let’s see about it in detail.

Earlier the Riverdale, a teen drama was going to come back with its other season, i.e., season 5 on the screen in April 2020. But now, it has been delayed for the increasing speed of Covid-19 among people. Fans have to wait for more time now, as the duration of this outbreak is not clear yet. So, it is advised for the audience to be patient and wait at least for this spreading of a pandemic to stop soon.

Riverdale Season 5 Postponed due to COVID-19
Riverdale Season 5 Postponed due to COVID-19

Riverdale Season 5: Updates

The producers of this web series have already been stopped their production for the final episodes of season 4. The reason for this pause was that one of the cast members of the series had been exposed to this Covid-19 disease. So, to save other members from this, the production has been stopped for a while.

Production of some 2-3 episodes of season 4 is still to be done; other episodes have been released earlier in May. But, the musical episode of the previous season is still pending, and there is no idea about the streaming of those left episodes on our TV. As per the assumption, it can be delayed until Summer. So, we request the viewers to stay home, be safe, and wait till the time when things will go well.

Riverdale Season 5: Cast & Release Schedule

Casts who will be returning for this season are- KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes, along with fellow students like Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, and Reggie Mantle, Whereas, Cole Sprouse’s character can soon exit the show. There is no information about if any new cast members.

Riverdale Season 5 - Main Cast
Riverdale Season 5 – Main Cast

There is good news too that this series is still on, and it is not going to end soon. It will be back with its renewed season 5, as confirmed earlier in the coming years. There is a possibility that season 4 might be cut short by the number of episodes. But season 5 will be streaming.

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