Rokka no Yuusha Season 2: Release Date Confirmed By Publishers?

Rokka no Yuusha or Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers¬†is an anime series based on the light novels of the same name written by Ishio Yamagata and illustrated by Miyagi. The first season of the series premiered in July 2015 and became an instant hit among the audience. We are gearing up for Rokka No Yuusha Season 2 because we can’t get enough of this mysterious and action-packed expedition.

About Rokka no Yuusha Season 2

The building-up mystery and fight scenes keep you tied up to the show. Also, the dynamic between all the characters is such that they seem suspicious and the probable imposter. While, at the same time, you end up caring for them, which makes it difficult to find the odd one out.

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Rokka no Yuusha Season 2: Confirmed or Cancelled? What are the chances for a sequel?

The Official Announcement

It’s hard to guess at the moment if we get any official statement regarding the renewal of the show for Rokka No Yuusha Season 2. The release dates of quite a few titles have been pushed back due to the Coronavirus threat; therefore, nothing can be guaranteed as of now. We’ll keep you updated if there are any further changes.

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Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 Release Date

This anime is at a standstill at the current moment. The first season of Rokka no Yuusha was released on 4 July and continued till 19 September 2015 for 12 episodes. There is plenty of source material available for the second season. Season 1 adapted the first 3 volumes of the light novels, and 2 more volumes remain to be covered up. More than that, even a spin-off novel was brought out by the writer. By weighing the odds out, we can safely claim that the creators can proceed with at least one more season. Ultimately, it’s all in their hands. Here’s to hoping the show gets renewed for Rokka No Yuusha Season 2.

The Storyline

The Fantasy genre and prophecies go hand in hand. The Goddess of Fate chooses six people who come to be known as “Braves” to beat Majin, who almost brought about mass extinction. When it’s finally time for the chosen ones to meet each other, seven people gather instead of six. This has them all worried as each of the questions the other’s true allegiance. What’s the secret here? Who’s conning the others? Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 will have twists?

Watch the first season of Rokka no Yuusha on Crunchyroll.

The Trailer

As we wait for the show’s renewal, let’s watch the trailer for Rokka No Yuusha Season 1 below.

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