Sex Education Season 3 Postponed Due To COVID-19. Scroll To Know Plot & All Deets

Highly acknowledged web series Sex Education is in for a third season after two critically acclaimed seasons on Netflix. The second season which aired on 17 January this year, has critically and entertainingly outshined season 1. This proved an absolute encouragement for the makers to go for a third one.

Sex Education: Scenes
Sex Education: Scenes

Sex Education Season 3: Show Deets

Sex Education has been a very successful project for makers. The series based on “sex,” the topic which is considered socially awkward to talk about openly. The series got everybody talking about sex more openly and maturely. Viewers got on with the story comfortably and satisfyingly. It gave the youth audience a perfect mediation to talk about sex in a more sophisticated manner.

Sex Education is quite a light-hearted series which centralizes on certain sexual aspects that are socially awkward to talk about. The series’ comical approach has made it more comfortable to watch for teens, adolescents as well as the grown-up adults. Especially for those who find “sex” as an odd topic to have an open opinion about. Many interesting stories are to be unfolded in season 3, but we may just have to wait a long for the season to release.

Sex Education Season 3: Expectations

Season 3 now has very high expectations after two overwhelming good seasons released. Makers will be quite enthusiastic about getting this third season on the floor. So what are we going to see this season? The series goes around an awkward teenager Otis Milburn,  who finds it very difficult to go for real love due to his anxiety. The irony is that his mother is a sex therapist by occupation. He finds it is quite hard when it comes to his love interest, Mauve. Season 2 saw Otis and Mauve’s love finally bloom into some good moments. Season 3 may now follow their relationship and more about their love life. How Otis now comes over his sexual awkwardness and anxiety.

Sex Education : Scenes
Sex Education: Scenes

Sex Education Season 3: Release Date

As of now, there is no confirmed date of season 3’s release. The cast is expected to be the same as that of the previous season. All central characters will be back in the fold. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the premier of season 3 may extend up to 2021. The shooting and production process is expected to commence later this season, so 2021 may well be the most probable time of release.


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