Snowfall Season 4 Release Date Announcement: Story Updates & More

Snowfall Season 4 as an upcoming television series. It is an American crime drama series created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron. Its first series was broadcasted on FX in the year 2017. It features various actors like Damson Idris, Carter Hudson, and many more.

Snowfall Season 4 plot

This set in Los Angeles, 1983 during the cocaine explosion. It spins around various characters like Franklin Saint (a drug dealer), Gustavo Zapata, Teddy McDonald, Lucia Villanueva (crime boss niece).

Frank loses his dream of becoming a skater. He ended up becoming a drug dealer by his uncle, without the knowledge of his mother. After choosing this path he Encounters different phases of his life like an adventure, crime, mystery, failure, love, and a collapsed life.

Snowfall Season 4 Release Date Announcement: Story Updates & More

In the end of the third installment of the series Franklin was in a death like situation. Now is thinking was changed. He becomes sad thinking what we wanted to become and what he is. But he also thinks, if he will be able to survive in this situation. He will correct all his mistakes which made his life hell.

Now it would be interesting to know how he will survive and correct face mistakes in the fourth installment of this series.

Snowfall Season 4 official announcements

Later, The fourth installment of the series was to be released in August 2019. However, it was delayed due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. After this delay, the makers didn’t come up with a new exact release date.

Snowfall cast

However, the makers haven’t made any official announcements about the cast of this upcoming series. But the main cast would be the same along with some new faces. However, we can see the following actors:

  • Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald.
  • Damson Idris as Franklin Saint.
  • ¬†Sergio Mancheta as Gustavo Zapata.
  • Amin Joseph as Jerome Saint.
  • Isaiah John as Lion Simmons.
  • Angela Lewis as Aunt Louie.
  • Michael Hyatt as Cissy Saint.

Snowfall Season 4 Release date

However, the fourth installment was delayed due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. But, it is expected to release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Snowfall Trailer

The makers haven’t released the official trailer of the fourth installment of this series. Until then you can watch trailer of the third installment here. You can also stream the past seasons of this series on FX.

Until we come up with a definite release date for season 4, you can check God Eater season 2 & more.

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