SubZero Chapter 94: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

If you’re interested in webtoons, then you know SubZero Chapter 94 is coming soon. Fans of this bright and colorful webtoon are eagerly waiting for a new chapter. The webtoon is by Junepurrr and follows a classic tale. However, we will get into that later. It was published in 2018 by Line Webtoons. As a result, it has gathered a plethora of fans since. It is also one of the webtoons people have read before getting interested in them. So, read on to know all about when to expect the next chapter. So, here’s everything we know. 

What Is SubZero Chapter 94 all About?

SubZero Chapter 94 follows one of the oldest stories of all time. The story is of Clove and Kyro. They are the two heirs of their respective clans. Of course, both the clans have been at war with each other for centuries. Clove is from the snow-covered North and is part of the Azure Clan. However, Kyro is from the southern region and is part of the Crimson Clan. Both the main characters are descendants of dragons. As a result, they have the ability to transform into dragons; or they theoretically should. Clove is unable to do so. 

After three hundred years of battling each other, Kyro’s sister goes to the Azure clan with a proposal. The proposal is to end the war with a marriage alliance. So, the story follows two rich characters who keep secrets and the things they face. However, you’ll have to read the whole thing to really understand what’s going on. 


In this section, we will briefly spoil Chapter 93. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to look away. But, if you like spoilers, keep reading. If you don’t know the story, this will not make sense to you whatsoever. In this chapter, the general thinks Clove is wasting her time with explanations. So, the general slaps her. The general thinks the girls are playing a game. She tells Clove that she can’t protect anyone. 

SubZero Chapter 94: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

At the same time, Fei’s health starts deteriorating. Fei thanks Clove for everything she has done for Fei. Also, she tells Clove that she reminds Fei of her mother. As this is going on, the building they are in starts collapsing as explosions surround them. Everyone runs while Clove is still with Fei. Kyro connects to Clove through Red’s superpowers. It ends with a panel where Kyro is shouting “Answer me!” as Clove can be seen transforming. 

But it seems that SubZero Chapter 94 will take up the story from here!

What To Expect?

SubZero Chapter 94: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

The image above is credited to Junepurrr’s Patreon.

In the latest chapter, you can expect to see what happens in the aftermath of the explosions. We will get to see the fate of Fei and see what Clove does. We will just have to wait to see what happens. Keep reading the webtoon and supporting the author. What do you expect to happen? Let us know in the comments below. 

SubZero Chapter 94 Release Date

The latest chapter, SubZero Chapter 94 is scheduled to release on November 9, 2020. However, sometimes this webtoon skips a release and releases two chapters in a day. So, watch out for that. Most of the time, the author releases a new chapter every Monday. So, keep an eye out for it. 

Where To Read?

This webtoon is available on Line Webtoon. All you have to do is be on the app or go to it from your web browser.

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