The Devil Ring Season 2 : Release Date and more Updates on it!

The Devil Ring, a Chinese fantasy animated series. The genre also extends to contemporary, horror, and action. Well, it’s got all the right elements so a thumbs up for watching. It’s produced under the banner of  Tencent Animations. The series consists of a total of  14-episodes. It aired between April and July 2016. Additionally, each episode aired for a minute  13 minutes only. The series became an instant hit upon its release. Around its debut, the anime became immensely famous especially among the otakus worldwide. However, the series received its fair share of criticism. Mostly, the audience expected a better or similar version of the manga. However, the writing was considered sloppy and often losing track of the main storyline. Nonetheless, the series has a huge fan base. Additionally, a manhua (Chinese comic book) version of the series released in 2019. It’s written and illustrated by Zhang Sanfeng. It is currently ongoing, with more than 110 chapters published. However, there’s been no news yet about a renewal. There was some buzz about renewal back in 2018. Well, something didn’t fit right we guess. The fans are eagerly waiting for a second season. So, when’s the release date of The Devil Ring Season 2? Read on to find out further details.

About The Devil Ring Season 2

The story of the Chinese anime centers around a freshman student Zhou Xiaoan. He doesn’t believes the myth of “The Devil Ring.” However, fate has other plans in store. The ring is otherworldly and scary. One fine day, Zhou finds the ring. He doesn’t know the origin of it but tries it . The next moment,  a terrifying devil leaps from his mouth. The devil falls on the ground and gives bad odor. All the people and even the Emperor serve the devil and provides him everything. Will The Devil Ring Season 2 come soon?

The Devil Ring Season 2 : Release Date and more Updates on it!

This incident will change his  life forever. Then he discovers the shocking, horrible historical secrets. He comes across a Blood Devil called King Zhou Of Shang and a race of heart-eating zombies. Moreover, he also meets a dubious group of Taoist Priests. These supposed priests can  fight against the mysterious beings of the supernatural world who can adapt into human society.

Release Date of The Devil Ring Season 2

The series ended on a cliffhanger. Therefore,  fans are eagerly waiting to know what happens ahead of it. As of now, the production team and creators have not revealed anything. One of the main reasons behind the same is the performance of the first season. Even though it managed to earn a fan-following, the series was actually a commercial failure for its creators. It has also received a below-average rating on almost all review and rating websites. Therefore, commercially unsuccessful shows hardly return. The low revenues are holding back the creators from making The Devil Ring Season 2!

The Devil Ring Season 2 : Release Date and more Updates on it!

However, since the manhua series  is still in the run, there’s enough source material. As of now, 122 chapters of the manhua have been published online. The creators can refer this for a follow up season.  If the second season gets renewed, Tencent Animation might follow the story of the recent chapters of the Chinese comic. Additionally, there’s also a high demand among fans about The Devil Ring Season 2. So, we’ll have to wait for more news. However, the second season might not arrive till late 2021 or 2022.

We are all ears and will let you know once we learn of more developments.

The Plot

The Devil Ring Season 2 : Release Date and more Updates on it!

Tencent Animation has revealed no news about the plot of second season. However, we expect the series will follow the same storyline as the manga comic. There’s enough source material for the show to last two or three seasons. Hope we get that lucky enough! Probably, all the main characters will also return for The Devil Ring Season 2.

The entire first season is available on our beloved  Youtube. In addition, it’s also available for streaming on We recommend you to support original creators and stream on trusted sites. You can always catch up on the first season if you haven’t watched it yet. As for the people eagerly waiting for the second season, you might have to wait a bit longer.

The Trailer 

Here’s a trailer of the first season.

Until we come back with more updates about this series, you can check Classroom of the Elite Season 2 & more.

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