Divine Gate Season 2: Release Date, Is the Show Cancelled? Know it!

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Overview of Divine Gate Season 2

Divine Gate is an adaptation of a popular video game of the same name. The game garnered a lot of attention and so had itself translated into an anime series. The game was released in 2013 as a smartphone game and quickly picked up with the audience. It was developed for both iOS and Android platforms in Japan. Adapted by Pierrot, the Japanese animation honcho, the show had its first season on television in early 2016. The director of the adaptation, Noriyuki Abe, is a storyboard artist himself.

Divine Gate Season 2: Release Date, Is the Show Cancelled? Know it!

The show boasts of a long list of producers who are famous and worthy. They are Ryōsuke Hagiwara, Takumi Kohama, Motohiro Oda, Shūichi Fujimura, and Masatoshi Hako. The show is licensed to Madman Entertainment for its broadcast in the Australian nation and Funimation for distribution in the British Isles and parts of North America. The show has a total of 12 episodes and each episode has its set of required action & entertainment. Will there be a Divine Gate Season 2?

Release Date of Divine Gate Season 2

Sadly enough for all the people who are awaiting a Season 2, the show is not coming back. There is no news about it yet on the official website of its developer. This is after 4 years of the last episode that aired. Adding to this, there wasn’t much the show could tell or promise to tell in the future. But who knows, there have been a bunch of shows that returned after years of their last telecast, so let us keep our fingers crossed. No news on the official website confirming or denying the probability of a Season 2, so we must certainly wait and watch.


The Official Announcement

Even when the makers put in a lot of effort while editing and telecasting the show, it failed to get the attention it desired. There were not enough critics talking about it and not many people added it to their must-watch list. The ending of the show also did not do much justice to help the show become sustainable enough for a Divine Gate Season 2.

Divine Gate Season 2: Release Date, Is the Show Cancelled? Know it!

The Storyline of Divine Gate Season 2

What happens when the cosmic balance of nature gets disturbed? Divine Gate is your answer to this question. When everything is going smooth between the thee worlds of the living, heavens, and underworld, something suddenly causes the Divine Gate to open and unleash what’s forbidden. Chaos occurs and the smooth balance goes haywire. Desires conflict with destinies and all of it leads to the constitution of a World Council. This is created with a purview to eliminate chaos and existing clashes.

But it has a condition. The boys and girls who are successful in reaching the Gate are only accepted towards joining the Council. Once they do, they get unlimited power to back-track their past and even alter their future.

divine gate season 2 1

The Cast

The entire show is an anime and there are wonderful voice artists who execute their job wonderfully well.

  • Tetsuya Kakihara voices Akane, Midori’s Best Friend.
  • Sōma Saitō voices Auto, one of the water users.
  • Kanae Itō voices Midori, the air user.
  • Ayana Taketatsu voices Hikari.
  • Sora Amamiya voices Yukari.
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino voices Ginji.

The Trailer

Don’t forget to catch the amazing trailer for the show.

Divine Gate is available on Funimation. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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