The Devil Ring Season 2 – Renewed or Cancelled?

Did you grow up as a kid with unfathomable fear of the unknown spirits and devils? Well, The Devil Ring Season 2 is exactly the kind of show that you must watch. Let us have a look at the updates for the series.

The Devil Ring Season 2: Overview

There are enough animes based on comics / graphic novels are a lot of them have their roots in Japan. But little is known or written about Chinese manhua or Chinese comics. There is a wide range of manhuas which have been adapted / serialized into shows and have gained a lot of popularity and fans. The Devil Ring is a Chinese adaptation of a graphic novel. The producer of this famous series is Tencent Animations, who pretty popular with producing and hosting animes. It is based on a novel by writer and illustrator Zhang Sanfeng.

The Devil Ring Season 2 - Renewed or Cancelled?

The initial run of the series took place between April and July 2016. The show has a total of 14 episodes in its first season. Each episode has a run time of more or less 13 minutes which is good and not lengthy enough. As soon as the series launched, it gained a lot of attention for two main reasons. And sadly, one of the reasons was troubling enough. The first reason was the case of a Chinese manhua getting a lot of attention overseas. The final reason was the aspect of bad writing that many critics claim could cause the show a single dry run only.

Is the Release Date out?

There is no news about it. Combing through the producers’ official website hasn’t helped either. There is no release date for The Devil Ring Season 2.

Official Announcement

There have been enough announcements across the internet about the return of the show. Most of these have been through fan clubs and admirers of the show wanting The Devil Ring Season 2. However, the producers of the show have neither confirmed or denied the possibility.

To be honest with our readers, there is little to no possibility of the show returning for a new season. Although, the show ended with open endings but there wasn’t anything that needed to be mended. Also, the show is termed a commercial failure for its makers. The revenue that was estimated was far above what was eventually earned. This is one reason that the show might not return. A show’s second run is mostly dependent on the attention and fan following it is able to generate form the first season. In this case, the first season didn’t go too well for the show.

The Devil Ring Season 2 - Renewed or Cancelled?

The show however, may get a season 2 if it is able to generate the kind of attention a show requires. Only if its fans continuously support the show whichever (legal) way possible, there could be chances that its producers come with the idea of a new run.


What happens when a freshman gets trapped in a series of devil’s games? The story of The Devil Ring Season 1 revolves around a certain Zhou Xiao who encounters some serious trouble just as his life starts to seem meaningful. While travelling to home one day, he finds a ring which seems ordinary at the outset. But as soon as he puts it on is finger, all hell breaks loose. He spits out a monster soon after. There are a lot of impending dangers that the young lad has unknowingly uncovered. Check out the novel online or catch the show to know more.


The main cast of the show comprises of Zhou, Xiaoan, Bai Luo, Jiang Xuanyan, Mei Xiaoqian, Tarte, and The Devil in the Ring. There are also Wan Dao, Liu Fugui, Liu Yuanyuan, and Old Wang in the supporting cast.

Social Media Buzz about The Devil Ring Season 2

As mentioned before, the social media, specifically the show’ fans are leaving no stone unturned towards achieving the possibility to a season 2. Facebook. Twitter, Instagram are flooded with posts that constantly urge the makers to prepare for a sequel. Ever y now and then something or the other handle is commenting or posting stuff requesting The Devil Ring Season 2.

The Devil Ring is available on TVTime. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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