Tidelands Season 2: Release Date, Story, and More Updates!

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Overview: Tidelands Season 2

The seas and all that lies underneath has always had stories to tell. Ages have passed and mysteries around seas and oceans have continued to grow. The Australian television series, Tidelands, relates one such ocean and the fishermen habitation around it. The Season 1 released on December 14, 2018, on Netflix. The streaming platform released all episodes of the eight part series at once. The show has some of the finest creators namely, Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield, and Tracey Robertson. The producer of the show, Hoodlum Entertainment, is a BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning production company.

Tidelands Season 2: Release Date, Story, and More Updates!

Release Date of Tidelands Season 2

The fans of the show really want to find out as to what happens to Cal next. whether she is absorbed by the Sirens or not. But, disappointing as it is, there is no release date available for the next season.

Official Announcement

The first season of the show left the audience spellbound with the enigmatic direction and copyediting. The step of releasing all the episodes at once is a big step for series which are in their freshman year.

We definitely would like to cheer the spirited effort that the entire cast and crew has put in the show to make it a huge hit. Even when most of us find the show to be an absolute delight to watch, it is still in contention whether we will get to see a sequel to it. There could possibly be many reasons to it. Although, Netflix hasn’t confirmed or denied a renewal to Tidelands Season 2, there have been enough months that have passed since the Season 1 released. Logically, three to four months are practically enough for a maker to decide on the fate of a show.

This, however, does not conclude that there are slender chances of a new season. Also, the decision of a second innings mostly depends on the revenue a certain show can generate. At other times, it also depends on the fame it was able to accumulate. The show stands worthy at both these pedestals. But, there is no official announcement that confirms the show’s return. We shall, indeed, keep you posted whenever a release date is announced. Stay tuned, guys!

Tidelands Season 2: Release Date, Story, and More Updates!

Storyline of Tidelands Season 2

The story of Tidelands follows the return of Cal McTeer, a former criminal to her hometown. Orphelin Bay is more or less a fisherman’s town. Inhabitants mostly survive off the sea’s produce and little to no other occupation is popular.

Things turn shady when one day a fisherman’s body is found washed ashore. Most of the people believe it to be a shark attack. However, Cal is certain that it is not. In a bid to investigate the death, she uncovers some brutal truths of the world underwater. The existence of a particular type of dangerous creature comes to the foreground as the Cal, along with the audience, learn about the hybrid human dwellers, Sirens, in the town.

The Season 2, if renewed, must start from where the initial one ended. That Cal is a fellow Siren is revealed and she may now have to fight them to live like she wants.

PS: All the fights and blood shots may appear a bit troubling to some persons. Viewer discretion is advised.


The show’s main cast is Charlotte Best who plays Calliope “Cal” McTeer and Elsa Pataky as Adrielle Cuthbert. The show also stars Aaron Jakubenko, Marco Pigossi, Richard Davies, Dalip Sondhi, Mattias Inwood, and Jacek Koman.

The Social Media Buzz

There are enough rumors about Tidelands Season 2 doing rounds of the social networking platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all flooded with fans signing petitions even, to get a Season 2.

Tidelands is available on Netflix. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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