The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Release Date, Story Synopsis & Other Major Updates

Jin Tanaka wrote a Japanese anime series under the direction of Shin Õnuma and Masafumi Tamura. It is a fantasy, adventure, and romance genre series adaptation by Silver Link. After the successful run of season 1 in 2020, fans are now waiting for the Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2.

The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Storyline

After two millenniums of ceaseless war, Anos Voldigoad (The demon king) deals with Kanon (the human hero) to sacrifice his life to ensure peace.

Whereas, Anos (after reincarnation) realizes that the royal blooded demons were not treating common demons as they should.  Although his descendants started interfering with other species (humans and spirits), all these incidences made them weaker. As a consequence, the peace he wanted to create was destroyed.

Reincarnation made him a hybrid, and no one knew that he was a king in his past life, as he loses his powers, which he was having in a past life. Consequently, he decides to get his title back as “The Demon King,” but he has to complete his graduation from The Demon King Academy.  He has to face some problems while persuading graduation because he is considered unfit for the training as he was different from the remaining crowd.

The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Release Date

On September 26, 2020, season 1 can end with episode 13.  On the other hand, the creators have not given information to its viewer. Despite this, the creators can come up with season 2 in summer 2021.

The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Release Date, Story Synopsis & Other Major Updates

The Misfit of demon King Academy S2 Official Announcement

The pandemic forced everything to take a pause. Now people are comfortable with this new normal.  The authorities have not given any official statement regarding The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 release date. It is equally important for the creators to come up with some unique touch to their content to ensure their success.

Demon King Academy Cast

  • ANOS VOLDIGOAD: The main protagonist of the series, the demon king, was Tatsuhisa Suzuki did a voice-over in Japanese and Aleks Le in English
  • MISHA NECRON: One of the Twin girls, a descendant of Ivis Necron. She was one of the 7 elder demon Emperors. Her character was given voiced by Tomori Kusunoki in Japanese and Brianna Knickerbocker in English.
  • SASHA NECRON: Misha’s twin sister, popular as the Witch of destruction. Yuko Natsuyoshi in Japanese and Kayli Mills in English gave voice to her character.
  • ZEPES INDU: A demon duke from the Indu family, voiced by Takuya Eguchi in Japanese and Zeno Robinson in English.
  • LEORIG INDU: Zepes’s brother, one of the demon Emperor and head of the Indu family. Shinnosuke Tachibana voiced his character in Japanese and Nazeeh Tarsha in English and will be returning in The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 as well.
  • KANON: The human hero, voiced by Ryõta Õsaka
  • EMILIA LUDOWELL: Anos’s teacher, daughter of Elio Ludowell (one of the demon Emperors). Ami Koshimizu voiced her character in Japanese and Dawn M. Bennett in English.
  • LAY GLANZUDLII: A student, a member of the generation of chaos. Takuma Terashima voiced his character.
  • MISA ILIOROAGU: A Unitarian classmate of Anos, voiced by Nene Hieda.
  • ELEONORE BIANCA: An exchange student who belongs to “Jerga Kanon” in the academy, voiced by Sayumi Watabe.

Demon King Academy Trailer

You can check the trailer here or on the AniplexUS youtube handle. You can watch the past episodes on Crunchyroll.

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