The Orville Season 3: Seth MacFarlane Is BACK. Continue Scrolling to Know Cast & Release Date

What is better than the good old science fiction genre? A combination of science fiction with comedy-drama!!!

If you want to quench your thirst for action, adventure, and science fiction but also want to laugh your guts out, THE ORVILLE is the show for you. Created by Seth MacFarlane, The Orville is an American television series that gained popularity overnight because of its unique combination of genres and brilliant storyline. The first season of this show was premiered on the 10th of September, 2017. A total of two seasons of The Orville have been released as of now, and a third season is in the production process.

The Orville Season 3: Recap

The story of this show is set 400 years in the future and follows the adventures of the crew members of a spaceship, Orville. The real fun begins when the crew members face cosmic challenges and danger, leaving us in tears of laughter.

The Orville Season 3: Expected Plot

Not much can be said about The Orville season 3, as of now, because the makers have been tightly lipped about giving hints regarding the plot, but the fans can expect that the storyline of the show will pick up from where it left in season 2. New adventures and drama wait for the crew members.

Orville Season 3 - Poster
Orville Season 3 – Poster

The Orville Season 3: Expected Cast

The old cast of the show will return, which means Seth MacFarlane, will return as the protagonist – Captain Ed Mercer, alongside Adrianna Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, and many others. A new addition to the cast will be Anne Winters of the 13 Reasons Why fame.

The Orville Season 3: Release

A particular date has yet not been confirmed by the makers of The Orville season 3, but they made an official announcement at Comic-Con that the show will release in 2020.

The Orville Season 3: Where to Watch?

The Orville has an IMDb rating of 8/10, and the new season will premiere on Hulu.

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