‘The promised Neverland Season 2’ is Coming this Year: [LEAKED] Release Date & More thing you Need to Know

The promised Neverland Season 2 is Finally COMING this year with Summer 2020 Release Date

Popular anime series “The Promised Neverland” based on the Japanese manga series, is about to make its come-back in October 2020. The show has received enormous support and success since its premiere. And as soon as the first season aired, fans could not wait to ask for another one.

Is there any official date for the anime series yet?

No, there is no official release date for the 2nd season of the series yet. Though it is rumored to get released sometime in October, exactly when, however, remains unknown. Therefore, fans remain with no option but to wait for them a there favorite show to finally come on air.

What is expected from the second season of the famous anime series “The Promised Neverland”?

The first season focused more upon the thriller aspect of the story and made massive success among the anime world. In the second season, it is expected that it will move on to the horror aspect of the story. This is expected to attract more fans towards this season. The show is already famous for its fantastic story-telling. And thus, fans are eagerly waiting for the second season to release soon.

Get ready for "The promised Neverland Season 2" . Get latest updates on the plot and cast of the show

What can we expect from the story of the show?

The story revolves around a group of orphaned children who plan their escape from an orphanage. Therefore, in the next season also, it is expected that the story would progress on the same theme. We can expect to see whether Emma keeps her promise in the next installment of the series or not.

The last season ended on a high note with children realizing that their home is a farm for sinister forces. Therefore, we would get to see what will happen next. Consequently, we have lots of expectations from season two of the story.

Let us wait for some more details to be released so that we can keep calm. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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