The World of the Married Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More!

The World of the Married Season 2  is a 2020 South Korean Romantic Television Series, which is based on BBC One’s Doctor Foster starring Suranne Jones. The Show aired from March 27 2020 to May 16 2020 on JTBC. In this article, we will talk about the second season of the popular k-drama.

World of the Married Season 2 Storyline

The main character of The World of the Married Season 2 is the matriarch of the family and a successful doctor, Ji-Sun Woo, who is married to a film director Lee Tae-oh. She finds a red string of hair on Tae-Oh’s scarf and also he behaves weirdly when asked about his work hours. In Tae-Oh’s phone, she finds a picture of Da-Kyung, who has the same hair color, along with Tae-Oh, and Sun Woo’s friends Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk.

Because of all this fiasco, Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh end up having a divorce, and Tae-Oh ends up with Da-Kyung. In the last episode, realizing that he can’t bear with his parents, Joon Young leaves his phone and runs away. One year later, as Sun-Woo eats a solitary dinner, she hears the door being opened and sees Joon Young. The show ends with a tearful Soon-Woo.

The World of the Married Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

Now we have to see what’s in store for us in The World of the Married Season 2!

The Official Announcement For Season 2

There has been no official announcement for The World of the Married Season 2, and it appears as if there isn’t going to be one. There are two reasons why we feel this way, the first being that the show didn’t leave any loose ends. So, there is a little chance of it happening. The second reason being that the cast members have already said their goodbyes. Kim Hee Ah, the actress who plays Sun-Woo expressed her gratitude to the crew members and also Park Hae Joon, Lee Tae-Oh, said “I think I’ll miss the filming set.

I was really happy that we were receiving so much interest [from viewers], but that also increased my sense of responsibility and pressure.” He went on to say: “I will work hard to show you even better things. Director Mo Wan Il, Kim Hee Ae, and everyone in the cast worked really hard, and I hope that all of the viewers stay healthy as well.”

So, it looks like there is not going to be a new season.

The Cast of The World of the Married Season 2

The World of the Married Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

The two main characters of The World of the Married Season 2  are, Ji Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh are played by Kim Hee-Ah and Park Hae-Joon. The rest of the cast includes Han So-Hee as Yeo Da-Kyung, Park Sun-Young as Go Ye-Rim, Kim Young-Min as Son Je-Hyuk, Chae Gook-Hee as Sul Myung-Sook, Lee Geung-Young as Yeo Byung-Gyu, Kim Sun-Kyung as Uhm Hyo-Jung, Jeon Jin-Seo as Lee Joon-Young, Shim Eun-Woo as Min Hyun-Seo, Lee Hak-Joo as Park In-Kyu and Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Yoon-Ki.

The Trailer

We still don’t have any official Trailer for the Second Season, but we will inform you as soon as something related to this comes back. So Until then keep Watching the others.

World of the Married is available on Netflix, as well as IFlix. So those of you who haven’t watched it, can go and watch it over there.

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