This is How Jared Leto’s Morbius will Connect Venom & Spiderman Universe, Kevin Feige Explains

In the first teaser of Morbius movie, the movie features the wrong version of spider man. It is not Tom Holland!

In the latest movie starring the Suicide squad actor, Jared Leto has released its first teaser trailer of the film, which includes a cameo of Spider-Man. But the teaser had shown us the Spider-Man of Tobey Maguire’s manifestation instead of that of Tom Holland’s incarnation.

Sony Pictures, in its quest to expand its cinematic organization, is introducing us to Morbius The Living Vampire. It is the second volume of their cinematic group linked with the Marvel Studios.

The view in the trailer seems to confirm that despite the franchise claiming to have no link Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is still set in the Disney’s Marvel universe. In the video, Jared Leto can be seen in a prison outfit, so assuming that the setting is also a prison, a graffiti of Spider-Man could be seen in the same scene.

The word murderer could be seen in the picture of Spider-Man. It features Toby Maguire’s costume of Spider-Man. This particular scene is directly about the plot from the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

This confirms Tom Holland should exist in the universe, which the movie depicts. Despite the graffiti showing links to Maguire’s costume, we can safely bet that that version of the iconic Spider-Man will not be playing on the screens for Sony’s Marvel world.

What we guess for the mistake that the crew has made, that the decision to include Spider-Man was a last-minute deal, and further inquiry about the picture was unmade. It is likely someone from the crew must have made a mistake in choosing the image. It can also be that by the time we can watch the movie, this mistake would be removed from the film.

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