Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Release Date Confirmed? Coming in 2021?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 is an upcoming Japanese dark fantasy anime based on the manga of the same name written and demonstrated by Sui Ishida. It was printed in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly young jump between September of 2011 to 2014. Moreover, it is collected in fourteen Tankobon volumes as of August 2014.

Pierrot studio adapted this manga as an anime series that runs from July to September 2014 and eventually started to make more seasons. It is written and directed by Chūji Mikasano and Shuhei Morita respectively. And after the release of Season 4 in 2018 Season 5 is most probably returning in 2021.

It is originally premiered in japan first on Tokyo TV and then on the English network

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Plot

Ken Kaneki is a bookworm college student who meets a girl name rize at a cafe he frequently goes to. Being of the same age and having the same interests make them closer faster. Rize was a ghoul – “a kind of monster that lives by hunting and feeding on humans” but Kaneki knows nothing in the first place. Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 coming soon?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Returning in 2021 Release Date Confirmed: Cast & Updates

When part of her organ is transplanted into Kaneki he also becomes a ghoul. A world is full of ghouls where humans are no more top of the food chain.

The Cast

Over each season there are some changes in cast and crew and it is expected and this will on Season 5 too. Some main characters will be retained they are Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki and yu Aoi as Rize.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Release Date

The fourth season ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ premiered on October 9th, 2018, and on December 25, 2018, the finale episode aired. Season four saw the end of Ken’s story, hence fans might not get to see the fifth season of Tokyo Ghoul.

The fourth season also concluded the complicated events of all three seasons so Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 might not happen.

The Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul is available on Crunchyroll. So those who aren’t caught up with the show can watch over there.

But until we have a definitive Season 5 release date you can check out more news about Arifureta season 2 & More

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