Ubisoft SUING!!! Apple & Google SHAMELESSLY!!!! Copying & Cloning ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Ubisoft is now all over in the news for filing a lawsuit against Apple and Google. On 15th May 2020, Ubisoft came up to announce that it has decided to file a complaint against Apple and Google for infringing their copyright laws.

It has accused both of them of selling the game, popularly known as Area F2, which it considers being a xerox or a carbon copy Rainbow Six Seige, a game whose copyright is in its hand.

According to a report published by Bloomberg, it is evident that Ubisoft considers the matter too important and crucial to be ignored. Both of the companies have made the game, Area F2 available on their play stores and play games.

Ubisoft also said that it did initially warn the two for breaching the copyright laws, but none of them paid heed, and ultimately it had to take the help of laws and litigation for the infringement of their rights.

However, much strange is the fact that Ubisoft decided to sue Apple and Google rather than taking the developer of the game(Area F2) into account. A detailed look into the matter would hold the developer of the game responsible for committing a breach and going against the laws. However, Ubisoft is determined to sue Apple and Google( the two most renowned companies) for the cause.

The case was filed in Los Angelos in a federal court. There has been no doubt about the fact that that the game Rainbow Six: Seige has added to the merits and provided stardom to Ubisoft, and it is thought to be a more of a reason that accelerates the aggression of Ubisoft when their copyright laws are violated concerning the game.

The game, Rainbow Six: siege, has near about 55 million registered players and is played as a competitive e-sport. So this was the latest information concerning the lawsuit on apple and googled, for more updates keep visiting our site.

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