‘Brad Pitt’ says is HAPPIER after Getting DIVORCED from ‘Angelina Jolie’ & Here’s Why

‘World War Z’ actor, Brad Pitt, is one of those public figures whose private life never misses to make headlines. Right from dating ‘Friends’ famed Jennifer Anniston to getting married to her, he was always in the news. Even his divorce with Anniston in 2005 was something widely covered in the media. And when he started dating Angelina Jolie, this was all that his fans could talk about. But his relationship with Jolie too didn’t last long.

After getting a divorce from Anniston, Pitt and Jolie started dating each other. Some media reports state that they fell in love with each other at the sets of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ while Pitt was still married to Anniston. Some even blame Jolie for causing a rift in the marriage of the adored Hollywood couple.

Brad Pitt says is HAPPIER after Getting DIVORCED from Angelina Jolie & Here's Why

But Pitt and Jolie never confirmed their relationship, not until 2006, when Jolie announced she was pregnant with Pitt’s child. During their years of being together, they became one of the glorious couples of the film industry.

In their more-than-a-decade long relationship, they got engaged, got married, and became proud parents to six children, of which three were adopted. But their relationship came to an end when Jolie filed for divorce, stating irreconcilable differences.

Brad Pitt says is HAPPIER after Getting DIVORCED from Angelina Jolie & Here's Why

And now, after years of separation from Jolie, a shocking truth has been revealed by Pitt’s ex-bodyguard, Kris Herzog. According to Kris, Pitt was happier in his marriage with Anniston than with Jolie. He further added that Pitt was 100 percent happy with Anniston and that he never heard them fighting, and it wasn’t until Pitt started going out with Jolie that reports of cheating and infidelity came out in the media.

Well, guess, the Anniston-Pitt-Jolie trio will never miss making headlines among their fans!

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