Uncharted 5: Release Date, What is next after A Thief’s End? Read this to Know More!

Created by Amy Hennig, Uncharted is an action-adventure game that was developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation. The game released its fourth season, The Lost Legacy in 2017 and has consecutively been declared to be one of the best selling video game franchise of all time. Uncharted 5 is in huge demand after the four successful seasons.

Will Uncharted 5 Release?

This Bluepoint Games developed video game hasn’t been announced to be released for the next season by the developers. Also, fans of this game are expecting it to be released on Play Station 5 as it has been designated for Ps 3 and PS4 till now. For the release of the fifth game, things are still doubtful. As per a statement made by Creative Director Shaun Escayg, there is no immediate plan for releasing the game.

We shall update you about the arrival of the next game as soon as more information is out.

Uncharted 5: Release Date, What is next after A Thief's End? Read this to Know More!

Here is more about the game!

Uncharted series is a game played on the third perspective following the story of a traveling hunter, called Nathan Drake who sets on a journey to reveal and excavate various historical mysteries of the world. It is available on the platforms of, iOS, Android, Play Station Vita, Play Station 3, and Play Station 4. The developer of the game has confirmed Uncharted to be an inspiration for the Gear of wars series. Drake’s Fortune, the first game of the franchise was released in the year 2007.\

The game provides the third-person, that is us to certain tasks to proceed with the story. It involves jumping, swimming, climbing ropes, solving riddles, acrobats, and other adventurous actions.

Characters of Uncharted 

The characters of this video game portray a few of the well known American actors dubbed by others. Below listed are the characters of the game:-


The Trailer

Play station released the trailer of the fourth season which is definitely a must-watch for all the Uncharted fans. Other updates about the release of Uncharted 5 will be available on our site.

But until we come with More Updates on Uncharted 5, you can check out more news about Globin Slayer Season 2.

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