Upcoming “Mafia 4” Leak Rumors And 2021 Release Date Updates

Mafia 3 is a video game which mainly indulges in the action-adventure field. The game is developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. The respective studio hints about the future game sequels in the near future.

The Mafia series has set up a comparatively good name for itself among the pro-gamers across the world. Therefore, the news of the sequel games is definitely appreciated by the fans, although the critics hope for a change in the plot.

The third part of the Mafia series received extreme reviews. Some were thoroughly resolved with the repetitive plot that the game had provided. On the contrary, others provided favorable feedback on the game.

It has been three years since the Mafia 3 was released. The president of the parent company of 2K, Take-Two, has delivered further news about the following. The president declared that more information about Hangar 13’s new game will be revealed in the following months.Upcoming "Mafia 4" Leak Rumors And 2021 Release Date Updates

Take-Two’s fellow member, Karl Slatoff, has shared his excitement about the new games during an interview. When Karl Slatoff was asked about Hangar 13’s next moves, his response was beyond positive.Upcoming "Mafia 4" Leak Rumors And 2021 Release Date Updates

He expressed his happiness on the progress of the on-going games. He said that the company’s range was broader than before. The studio is attaining new heights of diversity. The parent company is looking after Hangar 13 and Michael Condrey’s studio.

Karl said both the studios that they are managing were working on big projects currently. The works will include the dimensions which were previously unexplored by the company.

Moreover, it’s not far off from updating the progress of the games. Slatoff was a bit disappointed about not being allowed to reveal more.

The new game can be about Mafia 4 or something altogether distinctive. Whatever it is, we cannot wait!

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