[Update] Re Zero Season 2 is Back with April 2020 Release Date CONFIRMED, Storyline Prediction & What to Expect from this Season

The much anticipated season 2 of the unique isekai Re: Zero- Starting Life in another world, is all set to release in April 2020. Konomi Suzuki, who sung the original opening theme ‘redo,’ will be returning for the second season, along with Singer none who will be performing the ending theme for the new season.

It is same to assume that the story arc for Season 2 will follow the original plot of the light novel where season 1 witnessed the power play of Satella, the witch; who transported Sabaru, a juvenile delinquent, to another world much to his initial pleasure due to the misconception of possessing overpowered abilities like the generic isekai genre, but to his dismay, his skills are nothing different from usual except for the fact that he can rewind the time through his death.

After many do-overs involving killing himself, he gains the trust of Emilia, a candidate for the ruler and a half-elf for whom Subaru develops feelings, Rem, Ram, and various other characters

Season 1 deals with Subaru’s conflict with the recently added archbishops of the seven deadly sins, Petelgeuese, Sloth, where the fights result in hi gruesome multiple deaths and an evident mental break down. In the end, he rises victorious in saving both Rem and Emilia and stops Petelgeuese.

Re: Zero Season 2 to release in april 2020

Now, with the teaser for season 2 released, the fans are on their edges to see the next big fighting arc and learn how Subaru manages to overcome it. The teaser starts with Subaru standing in a lush green grassland, which soon turns red from the blood of every individual whom he has come in contact with, including Petra, Ram (Rem’s older twin), and eventually Emilia and Rem. With Hundreds of corpses piled up on both sides, Subaru walks towards a mysterious female, leisurely sipping her tea, which looks suspiciously like the witch.

Ever so hyped Re: Zero -Starting Life In Another World is a different take on the Isekai genre by Tappei Nagatsuki with illustrations by Shinichirou Otsuka in 2014, which became a fan favorite even before its adaption by Kadokawa.

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