Upload Season 2: Release Date, When is the new season coming out?

The news of the Amazon Original series Upload Season 2 is upon us. The Science Fiction dramedy was well appreciated and has earned the right to be renewed for another installment. Here’s all that we need to know about the sequel.

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Upload Season 2 Announcement & Release Date

The Amazon series has officially been renewed for Upload Season 2. The announcement for the same followed a week after the premiere of the first season. There’s neither been any news regarding the release date of the sequel yet, nor anything about the show’s production. We’ll have to wait around for a bit longer to hear more on the topic from the official sources.

Upload Season 2: Release Date, When is the new season coming out?

The Storyline

The series is set in the year 2033 when human beings can “upload” themselves into an afterlife premise of their choice virtually. After his death, Nathan is uploaded to Lake View. There he is put under the control of his girlfriend Ingrid who is still alive. While Nathan gets accustomed to this new virtual reality, Ingrid is burdened by several responsibilities like her job, her father who won’t accept being uploaded, and her attachment to Nathan while noticing that he might’ve been murdered.


The Characters

The cast of the show has already won a lot of hearts so we can expect them to reprise their roles in Upload Season 2.

Upload Season 2: Release Date, When is the new season coming out?

  • Nathan Brown played by Robbie Amell
  • Nora Antony played by Andy Allo
  • Ingrid Kannerman played by Allegra Edwards
  • Aleesha played by Zainab Johnson
  • Luke played by Kevin Bigley
  • Jamie played by Jordan Johnson-Hinds


The Trailer

You can watch the previous 10 episodes of the show on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon is yet to release the trailer of Upload Season 2. It’s probably going to take a while before we finally get our first glance at the show, especially since the release date hasn’t been announced either. Meanwhile, let’s jog our memories and check out the trailer of the first season again below:

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