Killing Eve Season 4: Release Date, Will Eve and Villanelle finally be together in the new season?

Fret not our dear comedy-thriller fans, Killing Eve Season 4 is soon coming to life! The British thriller series has generated quite a lot of buzz with its storyline that tackles a multitude of themes simultaneously and its multidimensional characters. The leading duo, especially, has caught the eye of the audience and critics alike. It’s almost impossible to not root for them. How is their relationship going to turn around in the new season? Guess we’ll have to stick around to find out more.

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Killing Eve Season 4 Announcement & ReleaseDate

Killing Eve Season 4: Release Date, Will Eve and Villanelle finally be together in the new season?

The third season came out in April 2020 and concluded its run in May 2020. However, the massive success rate of the show led to the renewal of the show for the fourth installment way before that in January 2020. Each season has had 8 episodes, so the fourth is likely to follow the same trend. The schedule of the episodes hasn’t been revealed yet, primarily because of the delay in the production. We still have no clue as to when the process will set in motion. It looks like the new season will take a bit longer than expected. Since the global conditions aren’t looking good at the moment due to the pandemic, we might have to wait till the latter half of 2021 for the premiere.

The Storyline

Intrigued by female assassins, Eve Polastri crosses her boundaries as an agent as she starts looking into behind-the-scenes of a particular case and is eventually fired from MI5 for it. A secret division within MI6 soon approaches her, which leads her to an international assassin with the alias Villanelle. The mission leads her to discover the entanglement of both of their agencies with one another, and it stirs up her emotions. Despite all of that she gets obsessed with Villanelle, whose mind is equally preoccupied with Eve. Their respective missions become secondary to them as they start taking more interest in each other than their jobs.

The Characters

As we all know, the show has a knack for dropping bodies consistently. Nevertheless, most of our favorite regulars are most likely to return because the show wouldn’t be the same without them. Other than, we can pretty much count everyone in who’s left alive for Killing Eve Season 4.

Killing Eve Season 4: Release Date, Will Eve and Villanelle finally be together in the new season?

  • Eve Polastri played by Sandra Oh
  • Villanelle /Oksana Astankova played by Jodie Comer
  • Carolyn Martens played by Fiona Shaw
  • Konstantin Vasiliev played by Kim Bodnia
  • Jamie played by Danni Sapani
  • Audrey played by Ayoola Smart
  • Bear played by Turlough Convery
  • Hélène played by Camille Cottin
  • Geraldine played by Gemma Whelan
  • Niko Polastri played by Owen McDonnell

The Trailer

You can watch the previous seasons of the show on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

The trailer for the fourth series isn’t out yet. Check out the trailer of Killing Eve Season 3 below as we wait for more news to come our way:

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