Vagabond Season 2 : Release Date, Lee Seung-Gi Returning in S2?

Viewers of Korean dramas are eagerly waiting for Vagabond Season 2. Consisting of 16 episodes, it first aired on SBS TV starting from 20 September 2019. It was later picked up by Netflix and can be viewed on it today. It is a thrilling action drama focusing on spying and corruption. The open ending of season 1 has viewers wanting answers. Keep reading to know everything we know.

Vagabond Season 1:

On September 20, 2019, the first episode of the Vagabond TV series aired on SBS TV. It has a total of 16 episodes. Following the television broadcast, each episode was made available on Netflix around the world. Here is the trailer for Season 1. If you want to watch Season 1, you can do so on Netflix.

Vagabond Season 2 Storyline

The story starts off with a mysterious plane crash that kills over 200 civilians, along with Cha Dal-gun’s nephew. He embarks on a mission to discover the truth behind the crash. His mission leads him to cross paths with Go Hae-Ri. She is an operative for the National Intelligence Service (NIS).  As Dal-gun dives deeper, he stumbles upon a network of corruption.

He realizes that his nephew’s plane is collateral damage from a cover-up involving terrorists and government conspiracies. Dal-gun teams up with Hae-RI and the NIS to expose the truth. As a result of the show having an open ending (which we won’t spoil for you), a lot of questions were left unanswered. We expect the story to pick up from there and give the viewers the answers they have eagerly been waiting for.

Vagabond Season 2 is Confirmed?? Lee Seung-Gi Returning, Release Date & More

The Cast

We can expect the same cast to return for Vagabond Season 2 along with new entries depending on how the writers decide to tell the story. Let’s take a look at who the fans can expect to see again:

  1. Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dal-gun
  2. Bae Suzy as Go Hae-Ri
  3. Shin Sung-rok as Gi Tae-Woong, the head of the NIS information team
  4. Yun-Shik Baek as Jung Kook-Pyo, the President
  5. Moon Sung-Keun as Hong Soon-Jo, the Prime Minister

There will definitely be many more familiar faces. We will have to wait and see who those faces belong to.

Vagabond Season 2 is Confirmed?? Lee Seung-Gi Returning, Release Date & More

Vagabond Season 2 Release Date

As we told there is no official announcement has been made yet but we are sure that makers made season 1 with the planning of season 2. All the signs and statements from the makers and cast telling us that they are planning season 2 very soon.

Another reason for making another season is the critics, reviews, and love of the fans for season 1. It received very good reviews and love from fans from all over the world. They have been demanding for season 2 since season 1 was aired.

All signs indicate the show being renewed. It has been a year since the show aired to a good reception for the community. The makers also said that they made the show with season 2 in mind. The show also has very good ratings along with a fan-following that’s been actively demanding more.

It is very likely that the show will be renewed because of these factors. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has slowed down. This includes the television industry as well. The fans will have to wait a little longer because of this, but they can definitely expect a Season 2.

There is no official release date yet. However, the production of shows is resuming all over the world. In spite of the delay, if the news comes within the next few months, Vagabond Season 2 can be expected to air sometime next year. After the Pandemic caused by Covid-19 is over we could expect more news about the season 2 production schedule and release date.

The Trailer

See the Official Trailer for Season 2 here!

No official trailer exists for the second season yet. As a result, we have included a teaser for the first to give you an idea about the show. But we still hope that a new season will be initiated by the Officials. The Story hasn’t ended yet and Thus you can keep your Hopes Strong!

Reviews and Critics:

Most of the viewers watched Vagabond as their’s first Korean Drama ana they just loved it. After that, they started watching other Korean Drama and they all became huge fans of Korean Drama. All of them are eagerly waiting for season 2.


As no official confirmation is made about season 2, we don’t know the official date for the launch of season 2 but we are pretty sure that they are planning season 2. So until now if you didn’t watch Season 1 go and binge it today and let’s wait for the official confirmation.

So far Season 2 of Vagabond is still not released. However, you can watch Season 1 on Netflix

But until we have a definitive release date for Season 2 you can check out more news about Yuri on Ice Season 2 & Goblin Slayer Season 2.

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