Virgin River Season 2 To Arrive Soon. Carmel Amit To Appear In The Show. Read All Details About The Show Here

If you are looking for a light-hearted show to watch during this quarantine period, we have the perfect suggestion for you.

Virgin River is an American series that is inspired by the Virgin River novels, written by Robyn Carr. The first season of this romantic drama was released on December 6, 2019. After receiving the positive reviews from fans and critics alike, the makers officially confirmed a second season in December 2019.

Virgin River: About The Show

The storyline of this show is set in the Virgin River, a small town in California, and revolves around Mel Monroe. One day she sees an advertisement regarding the need for a midwife and nurse. In order to heal from her tragic past and start a new, she decides to take the job. She believes her search for a home has come to an end, but things are not that simple in this town.

Virgin River Season 2 Netflix: Release Date, Cast, & All You Need ...

Virgin River Season 2: All You Need To Know

•    In Virgin River season 2, we can expect that the storyline will focus on the relationship between Mel and Jack.
•   Although we don’t have a particular release date for Virgin River season 2, we can expect that it will release by the end of 2020. The development of the show has already begun but has been paused for a while because of the ongoing pandemic situation.
•   Season 2 will comprise of 10 episodes.
•   On December 11, 2019, Martin Henderson posted a naked picture of himself on        Instagram, which is probably taken on the sets of Virgin River season 2.

•   People are speculating that there will also be a Virgin River season 3. There is no shortage of content for season 3, as
writer Robyn Carr has written 21 books under the name Virgin River.
•   Some of the new faces which will are supposed to be a part of the cast of Virgin river season 2 are-
Carmel Amit will play the role of Jamie
Keith MacKechnie as Nick
Donald Heng as George
Steve Bacic as Wes
Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan
Thomas Nicholson as Leo Cavanagh

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