Voice 2 Episode 13: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

The thrilling South Korean drama series Voice began its journey in 2017 and has had two seasons following up the plot in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The second season of the show became a buzzing topic of discussion again in 2020 since Netflix released this season for the international audience on its platform on 1 November 2020. It hasn’t been long since its premiere on Netflix and the audience is already wondering if there will be a Voice 2 Episode 13. Here’s all that we know about the possibility of a thirteenth episode.

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Voice 2 Episode 13 Release Date

The second season of the series was originally released on the TV network OCN. It began airing on 11 August 2018 and ran its course till 16 September 2018, with two episodes being released per week. The sequel to the 2017 release had 12 episodes.



Voice 2 Episode 13: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Netflix took over the reins of the international distribution and released the show on 1 November of this year. Although there is no thirteenth episode for this season, we still have a follow-up season which continues the story thereafter. We have linked the source of the second and third seasons of the show below. You can stream all the episodes on those online platforms.


The Storyline

The observation and hearing skills of the 112 emergency call center workers are immaculate. They use this ability to solve several criminal cases. The drama pulls you deep into psychological warfare and entangles the characters’ red strings of fate with each other.

The 2018 sequel is available for streaming on Netflix. Also, you can watch the third season of the record-breaking series on Viu.


The Characters

Lee Ha-na has returned for all 3 consecutive seasons while Lee Jin-Wook joined her as the second lead in Season 2 and then reprised his role in Voice 2 Episode 13 as well.

Voice 2 Episode 13: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

  • Kang Kwon-Joo played by Lee Ha-na
  • Do Kang-woo played by Lee Jin-Wook
  • Bang Je-soo played by Kwon Yul
  • Park Eun-soo played by Son Eun-soo
  • Joo Hye-Jung played by Oh Yoon-hong
  • Kwak Dok-ki played by Ahn Se-ha
  • Jin Seo-tool played by Kim Woo-suk
  • Na Hong-soo played by Yoo Seung-Mok
  • Yang Choon-byung played by Kim Ki-Nam
  • Park Joong-ki played by Kim Joong-ki
  • Goo Gwang-soo played by Song Boo-gun
  •  Moo Mi-sook played by So Hee-Jung

The Trailer

Instead of the thirteenth episode, we have Season 3 succeeding Voice 2 EpisoVoice 2 Episode 13de 13. Check out the trailer of the third season below:


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