W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

Many stories explore the concept of being pulled into a video game, but W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2 expands that same idea in the case of a webtoon instead of a video game. If you’re not aware of this series, then there’s a high chance that you might be knowing its lead actor Lee Jong-suk who has earned his name through various A-star K-dramas like School 2013, I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinnochio, and While You Were Sleeping. The thrilling and fantasy-driven journey of this drama began in July 2016 and now its fans are waiting to hear more about W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2.

Why do we love W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2 so much?

W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2 received high ratings, a good deal of viewership, and acclaim from critics and fans alike.  With an IMDb rating of 8.1/10, the show became a rising star by taking risks in various aspects like graphics. To produce a make-believe webtoon-ish world on screen, the creators of the show went through great trouble to make it work and it definitely paid off.

It also does a great job of teaching us a life lesson that things happen for a reason and most of the time they can’t be altered as per our whims. As hard as it is to take it all in, some things are meant to happen in our lives and we can’t avoid them so it’s better to accept what we have and make the best out of it.

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W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

Official Announcement

As much as this show was loved dearly, with the fans still longing to see their favorite cast again, the show hasn’t been renewed for a second season till now. The creators of the show have left us in the dark and made things very vague regarding a comeback. The first season didn’t exactly have an all-around happy ending as is often witnessed at the end of Romantic K-dramas. This sheds an optimistic light on our Season 2 agenda, but nothing can be confirmed presently. Let’s see if there are any changes in the coming year.

W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the K-series came out on 20 July and ran its course till 14 September 2016 for 16 episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC. The updates on the release date of Season 2 are still hazy. Not many months are left for this year to get over, so we might receive the news of W- Two Worlds Apart Season 2 in 2021, if the creators plan to continue the story.

The Storyline

What would happen if suddenly the fictional world of your favorite webtoon came alive and wasn’t merely a piece of someone’s creative imagination? That’s exactly what this series focuses on. Oh, Yeon-Joo is sucked into the alternative world of the webtoon “W,” which own father wrote that in the real world. As if being stuck in a fictional reality wasn’t enough, she further gets involved in the case of murder and meets the handsome protagonist  Kang Cheol.

Season 1 of W- Two Worlds Apart is now streaming on Netflix.

The Trailer

It’s hard to wait for another season all this while. Here’s the trailer of W- Two Worlds Apart Season 1 to take us down the thrilling road once again.

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