We Never Learn Chapter 180 Release Date, Story Synopsis & More Updates

We Never Learn Chapter 180 is an upcoming Japanese manga series. It is also known as Bokuben. Taishi Tsutsui wrote and illustrated this series. Shueisha published this series in Japanese. While Viz Media published this series in English. Jump Comic imprinted this series.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 Plot

The plot of this series deal with a senior high school student of Ichinose Academy, Nariyuki Yuiga. However, he has tutor three females to secure a university scholarship. These females were geniuses in one subject but weak in other subjects. The three females were Fumino Furuhashi, Rizu Ogata, and Uruka Takemoto. They were geniuses in literature, mathematic and athletic fields respectively. However, they were weak in the following subjects mathematics, literature, and other subjects respectively. However, while studying the girls have to deal with their feelings for Nariyuki. The plot also focuses on their teacher, Mafuyu Kirisu and Asumi Kominami, a ronin.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 Release Date, Story Synopsis & More Updates

However, during the Ichinose School Festival rumors were spread that the couples who dance together at the bonfire are destined to become a couple. Later, Nariyuki encounters a girl at the bonfire. But, her identity was hidden. However, the story has five different endings. But, each ending focuses on the girl which Nariyuki encountered at the bonfire.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 Official Announcements

The series received lots of love from the audience. However, the fans are waiting to uncover the identity of the girl Nariyuki encountered at the bonfire. Hence, the makers of this beloved series are set to release the 180th part soon. Consequently, you can check out the exact release date below.


Character sketch

  • Nariyuki Yuiga: A third-year student who seeks to obtain his school’s scholarship which waives his future university tuition fees. However, he is nominated for the same and given a task to tutor his three classmates. His late father inspired him to focus on his studies. However, various girls develop feeling for him throughout the series.
  • Fumino Furuhashi: A third-year student and art and literature genius. She wanted to pursue a degree in astronomy, despite her weak mathematics skills. After her mother’s death, she developed a strained relationship with her father. Eventually, she falls in love with Nariyuki but suppresses her feelings for the sake of her friends. On the way to her college entrance exam she falls and breaks her leg. Consequently, she came closer to Nariyuki and ended up becoming a couple.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 Release Date, Story Synopsis & More Updates

  • Rizu Ogata: A mathematics and science genius. She was inspired to pursue a degree in psychology because she was unable to understand emotions. Additionally, she was passionate about board and card games. However, she never won a single game. Consequently, she blamed her inability to read people’s minds. She occasionally helps to run her family’s udon shop. In her ending, she and Nariyuki help their friend Sawako Sekijou reconcile with her estranged parents, after which they become a couple.
  • Uruka Takemoto: A third-year student and an athletic field genius. She wanted to become an Olympic athlete and seeks to earn an athletic scholarship. However,  to become a well-rounded student she is placed under Nariyuki’s guidance. Since middle school, she has a crush on Nariyuki. But, she always struggled to express her feelings. She helped Nariyuki to overcome the loss of his father. Later, Nariyuki proposed to her and she accepted the proposal.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 Release Date

The makers are set to release this beloved series on 31st October 2020. However, if you haven’t caught up on the past parts of the series, then you can read it on Viz. Consequently, you can also check out the anime trailer of this series here.

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