Black Clover Chapter 270 Release Date, Plot Synopsis and More Updates

Black Clover Chapter 270 is an upcoming Japanese manga series. It is also known as Bokuben. Yūki Tabata wrote and illustrated this series. Shueisha published this series in Japanese. While Viz Media published this series in English.
Weekly Shonen Jump imprinted this series.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Official Announcements

This series received 4.8/5 ratings from the audience. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming part of this Manga series. Hence, seeing the increasing demand for the upcoming part the creators have decided to release the 270th part soon. Consequently, you can check out the exact release date below.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Plot Synopsis

The plot of this series deals with a young orphan, Asta. He was raised in an orphange of Hage Village along with Yuno, an orphan. Everyone was born with a special ability to utilize Mana in form of magical powers. Yuno also had these special powers. Addotionally, he was able to control the wind.

However, Asta was don’t like them. But, he tried to gain these special powers through physical training. They both wanted to become the next Wizard King.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Release Date, Plot Synopsis and More Updates

Consequenty, they developed a friendly rivalry. Later, Yuno got a legendary four-leaf grimoire by the first Wizard King. Eventually, Asta got the mysterious five-leaf grimoire. Moreover, the mysterious five-leaf grimoire contained mysterious elf swords and rare anti-magic.

Later, they took the first step towards theor dream by joining a Magic Knight squad. Furthermore, the series deals with adventures of Asta and Yuno while competeting for the title of the Wizard King.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Release Date, Plot Synopsis and More Updates

Character sketch

  • Asta:
    Asta is an orphan who aspires to become the next Wizard King. Unlike, other he didn’t have magical powers. However, he improved himself by physical training. Consequently, he was allowed to join the Black Bulls, Magic Knight Squad. But only after obtaining a five-leaf clover grimoire. Later, he was transformed into Black Asta, when the Witch Queen used her magic to increase the Anti-Magic flow in Asta’s body. Later, he came to know that  he was becoming a target for the magic parliament because of his powers. However, he travels to the Heart Kingdom. He prepared himself for 6 months  for the fight against  spade Kingdom.
  • Yuno Grinberryall:
    Yuno is an orphan who shresth along with Asta in the orphanage. However, he had a special ability to control wind. Similarly, he was also interested in becoming Wizard king. However, after acquiring the four-leaf clover grimoire, he became the member of Golden Dawn, Magic Knight squad. Later, it was revealed that he was prince of The Spade Kingdom.


  • Noelle Silva: She is the fourth-born child of the Clover Kingdom’s royal family, House Silva. Moreover she was a member of black Bulls. She was quite unique because of her silver hairs. Gradually, she starts developing strong feelings for Asta. But, she hesistated to express herself.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Release date

The makers are set to release this most demanded series on November 1, 2020.. However, if you haven’t read the past parts of then series, then you can read it on Viz. Consequently, you can also check out the anime trailer of this series here.

Until we come back with more updates of this series you can check Goblin Slayer Season 2 & more.

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