What is Solarpunk? A Detailed Guide About Movie, Media, Aesthetics & More

Solarpunk is an artistic movement that gained prominence in 2008. It is one of the most suitable and engaging theories for the modern era. This movement is all about creating a utopian vision of the world. A world where technology can solve the problems of mankind and lead to prosperity.

Is there a need to promote Solarpunk?

The main intention behind any Solarpunk is to create a holistic idea regarding the future. For the same reason,t it can act as an eyeopener by fabricating a utopian world. In that world, everything seems to be perfect in all accounts. No corruption, no pollution, and no challenges at all. So, it is the need of the hour to entertain this movement as the world is getting sick day by day.

What is Solarpunk Media?

Revolutionary ideas related to Solarpunk are expressed in literature and other media. That is video games, entertainment series, fictions, stories etc consists of Solarpunk media.


What is Solarpunk? A Detailed Guide About Movie, Media, Aesthetics & More

The term ‘Solarpunk’ is derived from a science fiction named ‘cyberpunk’ in the 1980s. Solarpunk literature includes short stories, fiction and poems. The main intention behind this literature is to create a much more harmonious interrelation within humans and their external environment. It is best expressed through certain characters. The characters have to face some internal as well as some external conflicts.

In order to overcome those conflicts, they need to adopt a much more moralistic way of living. The characters are subjects to social and political confusions. After adopting the moralistic method, the storyline or the themes will be altered. A much more peaceful and harmonious outlook will come to the storyline. That is without any tragedies and difficulties. “Island” by Aldous Huxley, “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia E Butler are some non-fictional works that are based on Solarpunk aesthetics.

 Solarpunk Aesthetics

Solarpunk aesthetics is a reaction against the mainstream views. This aesthetics focuses on creating a better approach towards nature. It emerged out from the inspired ideas of the Arts and Craft Movement. Both these movements, aim at the overall success of humanity. This aesthetics is open to changes and hence it is comparatively simple and less confusing.

In short, it is all about creating a deep vision of a sustainable future. So, according to this concept, technology must go parallel with human development.

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