What Will Happen In “Riverdale Season 4” Episode 18? Find Out More. Release Date, Plot and Everything!!!

No one can deny Riverdale is one extremely intense drama. It kept on the edge of our seats from the first episode.

Riverdale is an American TV series. The series consists of all teens centered. Therefore, most of the audience is filled with teenagers who can relate to the show. The genre of the series twirls between a thriller and a mystery. A whole of the series is obviously dedicated to the romance section. With Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa, can get loud swoons from the audience. This series is based on the Archie comics.

As we all know, Riverdale has a knack for inducing cliffhangers at the end of each episode. It drives us insane thinking of the future of the series. There are so many theories which we make up. But, unfortunately, no confirmations of any sort for the million theories that we come up with.

What Will Happen In "Riverdale Season 4" Episode 18? Find Out More. Release Date, Plot and Everything!!!

The promo that we got for the next episode is twisted, as Riverdale gets. This episode will be titled Chapter Sixty-nine: Men of Honor. It is the twelfth episode of the fourth season.

The promo shows that Archie is highly stressed out. He is deeply concerned about Frank as someone from his past comes onto him. While the other drama that is simultaneously taking place is with Betty and Alice, they are busy with their own investigation. The investigation gets them back to the first suspect that they had pinpointed. Veronica is seen catching up with her old friend Katy Keene. This comes after her trip to New York.

The twelfth episode of the fourth season will be dropped on 5th February 2020. The name that has been given to the episode is “Chapter Sixty-nine: Men of Honor.” The episode 12 will air at 8 pm on the CW channel. The episode will also be available on Netflix.

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